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Kalbime Bir Gül Diktim…

Kalbime bir gül diktim, adını “Güzellık” koydum.


Translation from Turkish:

“I planted a rose in my heart, and gave it the name “Beauty“. 

PS: Inspired by a real life sentence-letter that came with a piece of white rosebud in an envelope. The only change made in the original sentence-letter is the word “Beauty“, which replaced the letter recipient’s name.


Feel good! 


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Rosebud of a Lip

Here is to present you a beautiful poem, composed by my tax advisor Asim bey. As the poem is written in Turkish, let me translate it into English, following the music video that came with the poem. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

“Bu gülden daha güzelsin benim gözümde,

Hayalinle yaşıyırum hasretin ta özümde,

Unutmuş değilim, duruyorum sözümde,

Kavuşacağız gülüm günün birinde…”

Asım Tozoğlu, Frankfurt 29.10.2001

The name of the song in below movie scene is literally translated as “Your lips resemble a rose bud“, 4but as per my romantic translation, it is “Rosebud of a Lip“.

English translation of the poem:

“You are more beautiful than this rose in my eyes,

Living with your dream and longing in my heart, 

Haven’t forgotten, keeping my word,

We will be reunited one day my rose…”

Feel good!