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Tao te Ching: The Book of the Way

Hello world,

Have you watched my previous post of Wayne Dyer‘s movie “Ambition to Meaning“? (If not, click here to watch the 2-hour movie.) While watching this great movie, I was introduced to Taoism and subsequently I have totally embraced it as a way of living.

According to a definition on, “Taoism is not a religion, nor a philosophy. It is a “Way” of life. It is a River. The Tao is the natural order of things. It is a force that flows through every living and sentient object, as well as through the entire universe. When the Tao is in balance it is possible to find perfect happiness.”

If the word Tao, sounds unfamiliar to you, you can think it of as energy as per western concept. The person who introduced Tao to the world 2500 years ago was the Chinese sage Lao Tzu and below are the 81 principles of Tao that Lao Tzu left behind in writing.

So pleas listen to the pearls of wisdom for yourself and see if you want to embrace it in your life as well.


Feel wonderful! 


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The Energy of Life

Hi my friends! hug

This is to follow up on Hermosa‘s 8-month birthday post, which may have sounded vague to you. In that post, I mentioned that Hermosa has understood the origin of all things, but didn’t say what that origin was. So here is to disclose what that understanding was. 2

And as you see below, some successful people already know that. 1

quote-energy-is-the-essence-of-life-every-day-you-decide-how-you-re-going-to-use-it-by-knowing-what-you-oprah-winfrey-288323 (1)



And if you look at the gigantic successes of above famous people, wouldn’t you agree that knowing the nature of Energy and being able to constructively use it will lead to all the health, happiness and wealth that we all desire?

At least that’s what I think and I am guessing that perhaps Hermosa will take this month to explore the nature and use of Energy… 


Feel good! 


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Consciousness Experienced

Last night I watched below video and I was transfixed. It’s the story of a woman, who returned from the afterlife. The thing that amazed me was how her experience spot-on matched the realizations/knowing explained by high-consciousness people such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Buddha and you name it. And I think after watching this video and if you believe in her story, you will never be afraid of transitioning to the afterlife. So enjoy it! 1

Then I found below documentary, which was even richer with several people’s near-death experiences. So if you have 51mins to spare, I suggest that you watch this one as well. 2

So that was my consciousness exploration from yet another angle and I am really enjoying these explorations!


Feel good! 


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Tapping into Consciousness for Creativity

Are you involved in creative endeavors? Would you be interested in increasing your creativity MASSIVELY? If so, you need to learn to tap into Consciousness.

What is Consciousness and how do you tap into it?

Below short video of David Lynch contains the answers to these questions. 2

I trust that you got what you needed to know and I wish you Massive Creativity


Feel good! 


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What are Chakras?

Today I was sort of forced to explore about Chakras as a strange phenomenon started taking place in my body for the last 3 days…

It all began with meditation. First, my body started rejecting meat. Then 3 days ago a strange twitching and spasms started happening above my eyebrows, where people draw the 3rd eye.


Then yesterday the same thing happened on my chest and only then it dawned on me that what they call Chakras may be becoming active…. So I found some videos on Chakras and below was the most informative and the best demonstrative one. 1

Coming back to the strange phenomena around my upper body, today the 3rd spot became active between my jaw and the neck. And after watching this video, it really seems like my heart, throat and 3rd eye Chakras are becoming active…

But the process isn’t very nice. A lot of twitching and spasms between the 3 Chakra centers take place when I meditate, so I must look like the Mask figure… There is no pain, but it feels like my muscles are getting sucked into three powerful vortexes and I have no control over it… And also the energy shifts between the Chakra centers, making wave-like or dance-like movements…

Yesterday and today when I was lying there witnessing this phenomenon take place, I even thought to myself, “Perhaps Jim Carrey’s the Mask figure was created based on real life experience…” because that much muscle movement is just unbelievable. But it’s happening…


Yesterday I was slighty scared, but today I am not after watching above video. And when I was scared yesterday, I reached out to two high-energy friends of mine on Facebook, and they said that every body gets different experiences when it comes to increasing energy or consciousness. So I guess, mine activates through the sucking-vortexes in the etheric body…


Feel good! 


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The Rice Experiment of Consciousness

Today I would like to share an interesting experiment of Consciousness with you. The experiment was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s water crystal experiment, with which I assume that you are familiar with. If not, press here to watch the brilliant experiment.

The rice experiment video that I want to share with you speaks for itself, so simply play below video for how Consciousness is affected by our thoughts and words. 2

Are you convinced by the experiment? 

If you ask me in return, I am totally convinced because I believe in the water crystal experiment. In fact, these days I am “blessing” water with good thoughts whenever I drink it or shower with it.


And this rice experiment shows me that I should “bless” my food as well…


And how about you? Do you believe that words have power? If yes, are you consciously trying to keep negative thoughts and words out of your mind? 

Feel good! 


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Overview of the Silva Method

Today’s Consciousness Exploration takes us to the Silva Method.

Have you heard of the Silva Method?

Maybe not. I hadn’t heard about it until around this time last year. The moment I heard a good reference about it from another author, I bought the audio version of it on Then I tried to listen to the book a few times, but it kept putting me into sleep. So I put it aside. And as it turns out, back then I hadn’t had the foundation knowledge to absorb the information given in the book.

Over the weekend, while I was watching Christie Marie Sheldon‘s videos, on one of her videos, she attributed her psychic and healing skills development to the study and practice of the Silva Method. Then I knew that I had to get back to the book. And for the last 3 days I am praciticing the exercises in the book and I thought you may want to try as well.

So in case you are curious what this method is all about, watch below video for the overview. 2

Finally, I trust that you are interested in developing your “magic” skills. If so, look no further than this book! If you want to buy the paperback version, click here to buy from And if you want to read it in different languages, look below for what language translations exist.  2


Feel good! 


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Scale of Consciousness

Did you ever imagine that CONSCIOUSNESS could be scaled?

I hadn’t until I discovered David R. Hawkins, who was “an American mystic, physician, psychiatrist, spiritual teacher and author” (quoting Wikipedia). The scale you see in the header picture above is the consciousness scale and here is how late Hawkins explains it. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Looking at the scale, I see that I hit the rock bottom twice in my life and the second one of which happened last year in August. And as of this week, I think I have just climbed up to the scale of 350, which is the scale of mercy, harmony, acceptance, forgiveness and transcendence. See below. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Interestly, there happens to be 11 steps from the rock bottom up to the scale of 350. So I am wondering if I have been climbing up one scale up a month… What I do remember is that when I uploaded below picture on 19th of January with the title “Baira’s evolution in 3+ months“, I knew that I was starting to see the sunlight just then…


Since then I have taken off, flown high and now I am even transcending!!! And if I keep doing what I am doing right, it looks like by December this year, I may just reach the pure consciusness level. How awesome is that!!!

girl-happy-dance-smiley-emoticonFeel good! 


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Abraham Hicks Encounter – 14.02.16

The Universe must have liked the fact that I dedicated Sunday to the Soul so much that on my first Soul Sunday I was made to listen to the Universe speaking to us through a humanbeing. Such a communication seems to be wierd to Oprah as she keeps repeating the comment in below video. However, given my Shamanistic background, it seems like the most natural thing to me.

Question: What is the outcome of this encounter with the Universe?

Baira: I feel secure about life and sure that I am on the right path. I always felt that I was born to live my dreams and I went about getting it. However, some part of me sometimes questioned whether there was a higher purpose and that mine could be of little selfish nature. But listening to the Universe talking, I am convinced that I came here to create and live the life of my wildest dreams anyway.