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A Rebel – Is this Who I am becoming?

Have you listened to the below popular remark of Steve Jobs before? 2

Well, I seem to be becoming exactly the type of person mentioned in above remark. finger-pointing-up

How so? 

Well, I have started seeing things differently, very differently… And increasingly growing unfond of rules and dissatisfied with the status quo… Some people have started glorifying me, but perhaps others vilify… Or at least think that I am becoming crazy

But at my end, I am totally not concerned with what people must be thinking about me. All I am concerned is to notice the changes that are taking place in me, perhaps real fast…

For instance, two days ago I took a simple fun test on Facebook and it showed the below result. 2


When I saw the result, I kind of liked the result… Funny to think about it because if my previous version saw it, she would have found the result really “silly” and would have even gotten offended…   But the new-me loves it!

Of course, it does take courage and comfort in your own skin to stand out or even stand against the crowd, but Courage–I have plenty of that. See Facebook knows it too! 2


So you must be asking “Why the change?”

And my answer is “Because I discovered the simple fact mentioned below”. 2


That’s why I can never be the same again!

You see?

Feel wonderful! 


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Request from the Universe

Dear Universe,

After thinking long and hard about the one wish to ask you, I have come up with the one wish and it is “I want to do what I want and money to come to me easily and abundantly“. And as you may have noticed the part “to do what I want” includes everything I want.

So now that I have told you my one wish, I think I can have faith in you and just enjoy your magic.


Feel good! 


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A Shift for Cooperation

Two days ago I watched below video of Gregg Braden, and hearing what he has to explain about Competition vs. Cooperation, I felt a huge invisible iceberg shift inside me. iceberg

The first evidence of the shift occuring was for me to post below quote on my Facebook timeline with the description “My before-after truth. How do you like it? 🙂 “.


Red_Flag_animationAppearantly, the concept didn’t resonate with many people as only three people “liked” it. But that didn’t matter to me because posting this quote on my timeline was my way of saying that I have concurred this iceberg! 

So what is this iceberg thing about? 

Well, it’s a huge one, and to the top of it I had been climbing all my life. If I had any success or failure in life, it is largely due to this iceberg of competition. And you know, because I had been climbing up this iceberg for so long, it almost always felt like the way of life. But lately it had started feeling wrong. Even any the words that implied the iceberg had started feeling wrong and the examples are words like “Winning” or “Champion”.

But on the other hand, until the above words of Gregg Braden enlightened me, I hadn’t consciously sought out with what I should replace my old way of life. So when I saw what I needed (meaning Cooperation), I immediately embraced it and posted my “flag” on the Facebook.

And you know what happened after that?

Instantly, awesome people started making their way into my existence one after the other. So from now on, by visiting our “Awesome People” corner, you can get endless inspirations and ideas from people, who we think are TRULY AWESOME! To see the current crowd, press here.

Feel good! 


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We Miss Linda!

We miss Linda! Hermosa and I do! Maybe our other blog-friends do too…. For those, who don’t know, she and her family keeps having back-to-back holidays around North America. The other day they did come home for 2 days, but that was too short for Linda to spend any quality time with Hermosa.

So Hermosa and I keep missing her and waiting for her patiently

By the way, today I unofficially introduced Linda to my Facebook fan-friends and she got instant recognition. See the header picture above. PointingfingerUp-animation

And below are two of the many real-time photos that she has been sending me throughout her long holidays.

Here she is surfing over the sharks… finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Here she was walking along the seashore at sunrise… finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Do you like them?  facebook_like_animated_logo_dark_small

Feel good! 


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Tonight will go down in history…

Tonight will go down in history, in my life history… Tonight is the night when all the dots in my life connected… As I write this post, my hands are slightly shaking because of the powerful vibrations running throughout my body…

If you know my weekly schedule, tonight was the singing class night. But somehow I didn’t feel like going there, instead I found myself going to that cozy terrace corner at the Mövenpick hotel.

When I entered the hotel lobby, the air in the lobby smelled good. As I walked towards the washroom, the air smelled even better. And as I walked further into the corridor end with the washroom, I noticed that the trail of the smell coincided with my path; and as soon as I entered the washroom, I realized that the washroom was the place where the great smell was coming from.

So I got happy in the washroom and then moved towards the terrace. The last time I was there, a waiter was walking around with a chocolate offering, but this time the service was even better. Next to the terrace entrace, there stood a tall table full of chocolate offerings and a barman stood next to him.

With a smile of delight on my face, I ordered a cup of cappucino, helped myself with a few sweets and sat on the terrace sofa. And when I sat down on the sofa, this is how my table looked. 2


Then I just chilled. My coffee arrived and I sipped it while enjoying a bite of delicious sweet every now and then. Sitting in the quietness and tranquility of the terrace alone, I continued enjoying my audiobook while finding new treasures on Facebook and shared with my fan-friends.

For instance, I posted below picture of the Hermosa-color flower and wrote the line “A simple beauty in front of me 🙂 “. And my fan-friends from all over the world instantly started liking and commenting on it.


Sitting on that terrace sofa was comfy, so comfy. So I decided to do my daily 15min meditation right there. Not counting the two interruptions of door usage, I could stay focused, very focused on the faint noise of an air conditioner coming from somewhere in the distance. Sometimes the faint noise mixed with wind, but most of the time it hummed just alone.

After I finished the meditation, my body got even more chill. So I lied down on the sofa. See here. 1


Then after over an hour of happiness there, I went out and walked around Europe Allee–my favourite neighborhood in Frankfurt. During my 2 hours of walking and sightseeing around Europe Allee, I saw many beautiful things and thought many beautiful thoughts.

Then suddenly, an idea flew into my mind and I got thunderstruck. I got struck by the idea so strongly that my whole being is still shaking and vibrating now after over two hours. And that idea connected all the dots of what I have been up to today and clarified the starting point of the massive creations I have in my mind’s eye for future.

So from this point onwards, my creations will tangibly unfold and unfold so beautifully!


Feel good! 


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Miss Mirage

The moment I walked into the Ember bar/lounge at Jumeirah Frankfurt Hotel, the first thing that caught my attention was her. She was sitting at the bar surrounded by two men, who appeared to be her bodyguards. The two were dressed in silver suits with orange highlights and they added flavour to the scene around the lady with the Flamenco dress…

There was only one word to describe the lady with the Flamenco dress and the word was “tantalizing“…  If it weren’t for the body guards protecting her, she would have been kidnapped by the first man, who saw her that night… She looked that tantalizing

I sat on a cozy sofa in the far corner of the bar and watched her…


I watched her carefully to figure out what made her steal the whole scene and make herself the center of the spotlight… I watched and watched and then concluded that she had mastered the art of speaking through her body…

Every gesture that she gave away was a verbal cue in itself, and picked up fast enough, the cues formed into powerful proses… But when she stood up to dance, the proses transfigured into beautiful poetry... And here is a shot I took when she moved up to the center stage…


To recite what I still recall from her grooving poetry, she transmitted the following lines for sure:

“I own this beautiful body, so it is up to me to display and tease… Men are slaves to beauty, that means they are slave to me… I am not to be owned by anyone, not even the richest of Kings… Call me Miss Mirage if you like ’cause I won’t stay around for long… I tease your eyes and torture your mind, but if you try to touch me, I disappear into thin air… And when I disappear, men miss me forever…” 

So that was my brief encounter with Miss Mirage yesterday, and this is how she looked up close.


Feel good! 


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Should I Smoke a Cigar?

Two days ago I went to an interesting get-together organized by InterNations‘ “Frankfurt Cigars, Drinks & Dinner Group“. Here is the event information. 2

Enjoying a good cigar togetherFor me, it was the first cigar lounge experience ever. The reason that I went to this event is that, if you’ve been following my blog posts, lately I am really into chilling at 5-star hotel facilities and also I want to learn to play piano. So when I saw above event announcement, I took it as an opportunity to check out another 5-star hotel facilities and also listen to live piano play (which takes place everyday at Jimmy’s Bar between 10pm and 3 am).

When I got to Jimmy’s Bar, first it was awkward. Inside the bar, there were several groups of 2-3 people and I didn’t know, which group was the InterNations group. So I sat at a bar stool, feeling uneasy about being alone. And it took me about 15-20mins to access the hotel wifi and check out the event page to see who in the bar looked like the pictures on the event page.

Then I found them, joined them and all was well after that. Among the event participants, I met two people with very very unique professions–one was a Sleep Doctor and another was a Winetasting Organizer. Do you also think that they are very unique professions? I think they are and if it wasn’t for InterNations, perhaps I would never meet such professionals!

We talked, got to know each other and I felt very comfy in the company of those people. But after sometime, they all excused themselves one by one and I remained alone at our table. But that was fine, because by that time I had warmed up to the bar already. The bar interior was elaborate and the guests seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Have a look here. 2

Then sitting there alone, I enjoyed the live piano play. Here are 2 pieces from the night and also their counterparts that I found on YouTube.

Another day in paradise… 2

Something stupid..2

And because I liked the ambience of Jimmy’s Bar, I need an excuse to go there again… And also the place I plan to practice my piano skills is another Cigar Bar at Frankfurter Hof Steigenberger hotel. So I’m thinking, “Should I learn to smoke a cigar so that I have a reason to be sitting in those cigar bars?…”  

Normally, smoking is something I sweared not to do in this lifetime… But maybe cigar could be an exception… At least, it looks seductive when a woman has one in her mouth!

Look here. 2



Feel good! 


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Oh Crème Brûlée!

Yesterday I had an exquisite desert named Crème BrûléeThe desert was brought to me when the restaurant failed to have any cake to lift me up from my afternoon crash… And that’s how I met this hot guy. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


As you see, the guy didn’t come empty handed. He brought along with him an ice-creamy body cream. So before we got started, I spread the ice-creamy cream over his body and then he was ready…

The moment I put a spoonful of him in my mouth, I went nuts… Then I surrendered… moaned… and lying on this sofa, I savored every bite of him until he was done. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then with him inside, I read below piece, thinking “How could so much flavor be inside of you?”


And here is how you can make out with my hot guy in your kitchen. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Feel good! 


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The Rosebud Garden

The picture in the header photo is my very first flower design and I’ve named it “Rosebud Garden“. How do you like it? 

Yesterday, I came across this book and I am using it as an inspiration of what to do with my million rosesfinger-pointing-down-animation-gif


And here is the book description. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


And these are my top favourite 3 flower designs from the book. more-finger104




And now I am waiting to receive more design ideas for my million roses… 


Feel good! 


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My Million Roses

The rose garden behind my tax advisor Asim bey’s office looked like this when I arrived. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


There were million roses of numerious colors, and below were the Linda (orange) and Bella (pink) color roses. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then because I liked them so much, Asim bey started cutting them off for me. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


He kept cutting and I kept piling them on the table. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


And before we knew it, we had cut off almost all the roses in the garden. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Then we came into his office and Asim bey started reading his poems for me. Press here to read a poem composed by him and here to read a poem composed for him.


With my pressing request, Asim bey composed a poem for me. Notice that the poem sentences start with my name letters. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I carried my million roses home and here the roses were marvelling at their own beauty in the elevator mirror. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Coming in home, I placed my roses by the window. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I wrote a blog story for my favourite one rose. It was the only red rose in the crowd. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


And all these beautiful roses were a gift for me from a generous man named Asim bey. Here he is. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Thank you Asim bey! And here is my gift for you. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Feel good! 


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Kalbime Bir Gül Diktim…

Kalbime bir gül diktim, adını “Güzellık” koydum.


Translation from Turkish:

“I planted a rose in my heart, and gave it the name “Beauty“. 

PS: Inspired by a real life sentence-letter that came with a piece of white rosebud in an envelope. The only change made in the original sentence-letter is the word “Beauty“, which replaced the letter recipient’s name.


Feel good! 


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Saturday within the Month of June

This morning I bought a beautiful book for my singing class. Here is the description of the book. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I studied the book, sitting down with these 2 guys. While one of them refreshened me, the other got me tipsy… And I don’t know which one I like morefinger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I found a song that seemed to be written by me… finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I found another one that seemed to be written for me. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


And then following the sound of a piano, next door I found a beautiful piano that I can use when I start taking piano lessons… The barwoman said thatmusic_1 I can come and play anytime I want. Then she played a beautiful melody for me…


And when I learn to play piano, I wanna play this music on this piano and entertain the guests at this hotelfinger-pointing-down-animation-gif

So that’s what I did this Saturday morning within the month of June… 

Feel good!