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The Game of Life & How to Play It

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Tonight I discovered a new awesome book. It appeared just when I wished to have a new book that I can play in the background like music. Two to three years ago, I used to listen to “The Alchemist” almost on daily basis as it gave me strength during my journey, which seemed very much like the one the boy in the book was on. However, now that I have completed that journey, I need another book and below book seems like a great candidate.

Tonight I have listened to this book “The Game of Life and How to Play It” twice already. And the thing I like the most about this book is that all the important spiritual concepts are illustrated in it in a concise format. Also the voice of the reader is pleasant and the majority of the examples illustrated in the book has a strong appeal to women.

So equipped with this book, I hope to play the game of life better and better every day. And if you have the same desire, check out this book!


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A Course in Miracles

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My today’s huge discovery has been the book “A Course in Miracles” brought about by Helen Schucman, who channelled the dictation of Jesus.

Sounds too unreal to you?

Well, to me not as I come from a country with a lot of Shamans. To me, speaking to a spirit through a channel is as normal a thing as speaking to you in person. So I totally embrace all sorts of psychic channelling.

Anyway, below is the 2-part story of how the book dictation came about. In essence, it is said in the video that Jesus was compelled to dictate the book to the new generation in 1965 after centuries of misinterpretations of his original messages. So please watch below video for the history of how the book “A Course in Miracles” was brought about:

And here is the audio version of the book itself in 4 separate parts:

Besides the main book, workbooks for students and teachers were also channelled. To access their PDF versions, click here.

And a dedicated teacher of this book “A Course in Miracles” is Marianne Williamson and in below video, Marianne says that “this book is not about religion, but a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy, or a psychological mind training, which helps us to relinquish the thought system based on fear and accept instead a thought system based on love.”

Furthermore, she claims that this book is less about gaining knowledge, but more about practicing the principles within and accessing the God from within. So press the Play button below and listen to what Marianne has to say about this book of Jesus.


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The Science of Getting Rich

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So I have found us THE book that finally makes it crystal clear that the nature of life is to increase, expand and get rich. Therefore, it’s the natural instinct of everyone and everything to be attracted to those thing that increase and expand them. And from that fact, many things follow….

Since I discovered it last night, I have read and listened to it only once. And perhaps, after I have read and listened to it many times and grasped the full context and potential of the book, then maybe I will write a proper book review on it.

Until then, it is good to highlight that, as per this book, unless we think thoughts that are contrary to this true nature, we will all naturally increase, expand and get rich in every areas of our life, especially on the financial front.

The name of the book is “The Science of Getting Rich” and this 106-year old book (published in 1906) is THE textbook, from which most of the present day wealth and abudance couches and gurus have taken their lessons from.

If you like to read a book, click here to download the free PDF version: 

And if you prefer to listen to a book, here is the full audio version of the book:

So now that we have the science explained in such a good detail, let us all go out and get rich in every areas of our lives!


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Overview of the Silva Method

Today’s Consciousness Exploration takes us to the Silva Method.

Have you heard of the Silva Method?

Maybe not. I hadn’t heard about it until around this time last year. The moment I heard a good reference about it from another author, I bought the audio version of it on Then I tried to listen to the book a few times, but it kept putting me into sleep. So I put it aside. And as it turns out, back then I hadn’t had the foundation knowledge to absorb the information given in the book.

Over the weekend, while I was watching Christie Marie Sheldon‘s videos, on one of her videos, she attributed her psychic and healing skills development to the study and practice of the Silva Method. Then I knew that I had to get back to the book. And for the last 3 days I am praciticing the exercises in the book and I thought you may want to try as well.

So in case you are curious what this method is all about, watch below video for the overview. 2

Finally, I trust that you are interested in developing your “magic” skills. If so, look no further than this book! If you want to buy the paperback version, click here to buy from And if you want to read it in different languages, look below for what language translations exist.  2


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The Greatest Salesman in the World – 04.02.16

First time I came across Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” last year and I was determined to read each one of the 10 scrolls for 30 days in a row. But mainly because I didn’t have or aiming for a sales job back then, the determination faded away after a few days.

Today the life brought me to it again and even in a better format as an audio book. After listening to it, I remade the resolution to commit to it for the next 10 months and see its magic effect to transform my life.

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The Alchemist

The Alchamist is one of the best-selling books in history. It’s story follows a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago in his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there.

In this story, it introduces a idea of “Your Personal Legend “, is what you have always wanted to accomplish.

“Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is”. He adds that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. This is the core theme of the book.”

Where is your Pyramid of Gaze?

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The Strangest Secret – 12.15.15

I’d like to tell you about The Strangest Secret in the World.


“The late Nobel prize-winning Dr. Albert Schweitzer was once asked, “Doctor, what is wrong with men today?

The Great doctor was silent a moment, and then he said, “Men simply do not think!”

It is about this that I want to talk with you.

We live today in a golden age. This is an era that humanity has looked forward to, dreamed of, and worked toward for thousands of years. But since it is here we pretty well take it for granted. We are fortunate to live in the riches era that ever existed on the face of the earth. A land of abundant opportunity for everyone. But do you know what happens?

Lets take 100 individual who start even at the age of 25.

Do you have any idea what will happen to those men and women by the time they are 65?

These 100 people, who all start even at the age of 25, all believe they’re going to be successful. If you ask any one of them if they want to be a success they would tell you they did. You would notice that they are eager toward life, there is a certain sparkle in their eye, an erectness to their carriage. Life seems like a pretty interesting adventure to them.

But by the time they are 65, only one will be rich, four will be financially independent, 41 will be working, and 54 will be broke – depending on others for life’s necessities.

Now think a moment: Out of the 100, only five make the grade!

Why do so many fail?

What has happened to the sparkle that was there when they were 25?

What has become of their dreams, their hopes, their plans?

Why is there such a large disparity between what these people intended to do and what they actually accomplished?

Continue reading The Strangest Secret – 12.15.15

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Book review: The Compound Effect


“The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

In this book Darren Hardy argues that there is no quick fix and short cut to success; instead to achieve success in any endeavour, one has to take consistent reasonable-intensity actions over a very long period of time.

The book offers many practical advices and it is best recommended to read this book after reading “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell and “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. If the 10,000 hour principle in “Outliers” sheds light on the the monstrous efforts it takes to become a master, “The Power of Habit” shows how little or no effort it takes to maintain an activity once it becomes a habit. And this book “The Compound Effect” teaches you to start taking “baby” steps towards the goal, to keep it at reasonable intensity so as to avoid burn out and give up, and finally to reach the habit stage, where further efforts come as a second nature and makes it easy to put in the 10,000 hours required for mastery. The principle demonstrated in this book is analogous to a frog sitting in warm water that is gradually heated up. Should the frog receive the sudden shock of hot water, it jumps out; but heated up gradually, it does not notice the rising temperature. In the same way, when human efforts start gradually and with low intensity, it will pave the path towards solid habit and eventual mastery and success.