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Oh so good Yoga!

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Here I have a beautiful video about Yoga. If you are curious about Yoga and flirting with the idea of starting with it, I bet this is the best video you will find as a new starter. 1

My experience with Yoga started 4 years ago quite by accident and the moment I stepped into the studio, I was hooked. The feeling I get when I am doing Yoga could be best described as one of making love to myself. The beautiful sensations I feel and the deepness of connection I feel with something beyond this world is just unbelievably good.


After starting with Yoga 4 years ago, there has been 3 years of break in between without consistent practice. But it looks like this weekend I am going to start again by joining the weekend Yoga retreat that I have been to once.

By the way, the benefits the practitioners mention in above video are the followings and I have put them in the practitioners’ own words:

Laruga Glaser /U.S.A, Sweden/

  • What attracts me to yoga is the fact that it’s experiential. You have to go through a process to understand.
  • When I started to practice yoga, there was a sense of connection on the inside where I really wanted to be a good person, where I felt motivated to transform myself or move myself higher up.
  • And the moment I came on my mat, I felt like I was home. I really felt like this is a space where I can be really me and really connect to this internal part of myself. I felt at home within myself, I felt at home even with the things I was struggling with and that was huge for me in the beginning when I started to practice and one reason why I continue to do this practice.
  • It looks to be on the outside very physical or to be representative of something very external. But underlying through all of that what’s really moving us withing these asanas is the breath, it is the focal point of our sense of concentration. And through the asanas, through the act of performing these asanas… to be continued.

Feel wonderful! 


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Transcendental Meditation for enjoying the full potential of life

Ever since I started meditating I have been curious about how many different types of meditation exist. But it seems like all the existing types don’t matter as long as I practice Transcendental Meditation. How so? 

Well, upon a little research I have found out that this meditation type called Transcendental Meditation is backed up by hundreds of scientific studies and it is becoming a fast-spreading life-tool among creatively successful people, some of whom you see on the header photo of this article. And in below video, those celebrities share their life-transforming experiences with Transcendental Meditation1

And if you wish to have the overview of this meditation technique, please go ahead and watch below introductory video. 2

In an nutschell, this is how Maharishi teacher, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the West, described this technique. 2


And below are my favourite quotes on this meditation technique.



So that was me sharing with you my latest discovery and I hope that we all can try  Transcendental Meditation soon!


Feel good! 


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Scientist explains Meditation the Best!

So did you think that meditation was some out-of-this-wordly thing practiced by Tibetian Buddhists and Indian Gurus? Well, I have to admit that until recently that was my belief about meditation.

And over the months, seeking my full potential lead me to take up meditation some 3 weeks ago and I am yet to see a tangible change in myself… Well, here I should note that over the last 4 days, 4 of my upper Chakras have become active (lower 3 were active previously), but I am yet to see HOW that improves me and my experiencess…


Curious about what might be on the horizon, I set out to explore more about meditation and here is one golden explanation by a Metaphysicist on the ins and outs of meditation that I have truly treasured. 1

Me being a non-believer in extreme spiritual livings like those of Tibetian Buddhists and Indian Gurus, I found this scientific explanation of meditation extremely believable. Therefore, now I would like to encourage my follow “non-believers” to take 40 mins to watch this video. And if you find yourself still resisting, I have to tell you that you might miss the best investment of 40mins in your life!

So please go ahead and enlighten your mind by watching above video!


Feel good! 


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The Greatness of Napping

Today I felt the greatness of napping in the afternoon. When I woke up, I felt pleasantly refreshed, recharged, happy, clear minded and energized; felt like I can do anything.

When I was studying in China, “午睡”afternoon nap was a custom to my Chinese classmates and friends. But I never was a napper during day, I always wanted to be productive and tried to accomplish more things in the afternoon. That case I can go to bed early in the evening, which means I can get up early in the morning. I told myself and felt, if I go to bed late, my eyes feel heavy, brain doesn’t work well in the next day, also not good for my health and beauty. However today I realized the truth of below quote.


Do you nap in the afternoon?

Not all of us do have own rooms with couches like Don Draper has (Mad Man television series),


nor futuristic sleeping pods in the office,


however we do have time of feeling sleepy and tired,

jga image001


So please do yourself a favor & take a nap whether it’s after a busy morning, staring at a computer screen all morning, or refreshing your mind and body. Even Buddha takes a nap. 🙂


Enjoy Life! 


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Are you meditating?

The simple question is “Are you meditating?” If not, you better start ASAP! If you need more convincing, watch below video. 2

As for myself, for the past 2-3 weeks, I have been doing two 15mins-meditations daily. The first one is sometime in the afternoon and that one is just “nothingness” meditation, where I focus on something and just make the rest of the world disappear.

And I do the second one right before going to sleep and that one is visualization and feeling meditation. During that meditation, I try to see and feel beforehand what I wish to happen in my life. Simple as that!

So now I pose the question back to you again “Are you meditating?” If not, you better start ASAP!


Feel good! 


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Home Spa of a Shampoo

Do you like spa treatment? Would you like to have a spa treatment at home every day? If yes, I have found exactly what you need.

2 days ago I bought above revitalizing fresh shampoo of L’Occitane and I just had a chance to wash my hair with it now. And when I washed with it, “Bang!” I discovered a miraculous product. The moment I applied the shampoo unto my hair, my head started tingling with its mint effect. Oh boy, it felt good! And it has been 15 minutes since I washed my hair and now sitting here with my hair wrapped with a towel, I can still feel the tiny tingles in my head…

For those who haven’t yet used this product, I can best compare it to a toothpaste. You know, how refreshing it is to cleanse your mouth and teeth with a minty toothpaste? So it feels that refreshing all around my head right now.

By the way, I know another miraculous product, which does the same magic to body. And that one is Rituals body scrub salt below. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Rituals body scrub

The first time I used it, my knees went soft. It is that good!

So if you can’t afford the time and money to go to spa every day, I suggest that you bring above 2 products home and you’ll enjoy an amazing spa-treatment in the comfort of your own home.

HOme spa

Feel good!