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The Billionaire Formula

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Today I found the man, who has found the Billionaire Formula. His name is Naveen Jain. What separates him from the other two Billionaires in below video and in real life is the fact that he is able to verbalize the Billionaire Formula, seeks to executive it purposefully, taught it to his children successfully and perhaps taught it to others as well.

Put in the documentarian’s own words, “For Naveen, the Billionaire formula is simple.”

According to Naveen, the Billionaire formula is this: Continue reading The Billionaire Formula

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F*ck false money conceptions!

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As you could see from the title, I am mad. Mad that I have been fooled by false money conceptions all my life!


Here is the thing: Over the past one week I gradually came to a level where I realize and feel that money is just a small chunk of Abundance and that Abundance can flow into one’s life in so many ways other than in monetary form. 0062

And after listening to below talk of Neale Donald Walsch, I just realized that another false money conception has been running deep in my veins just like it does in many other people’s blood. And that money misconception is “Money is earned”.

Oh what a BS! How fooled do I feel to discover this subtle mind-programming running in me!


But the thing is that almost the whole society is programmed this way and that’s why all the struggle and suffering around, you know…. Oh boy, what a huge waste of energy to pay for subtle misconceptions!!!

So here is the deal: I am going to unlearn these false money misconceptions! 858946b7dadb1089cd6d4b00f44c416b


And you wanna do the same? Then listen to below talk over and over again until it sinks into your being. 2

Feel wonderful! 


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Abundance is the true state of Reality

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Finally I found what I needed to hear to create expansive Abundance in my life. I have been hearing this term called Abundance over and over again; however, after listening to below material, I really get what Abundance is. 2

So having found this awesome material, I took note of the key messages and here they are: 1

“As all matter is made of energy, therefore you are surrounded with an Abundance of  the building blocks of physical reality. You are surrounded by an Abundance of energy at all times. You use this energy to create your reality.

Since the true state of creation is Abundance, the idea of lack is simply the only thing that cannot exist. There is only Abundance.

However, because all things can be true based on your perception and beliefs, you are able to create the perception of lack.

When one believes or has bought into a belief that something is out of alignment with the true reality that is fundamentally untrue, you experience a contraction within your bodies and within your mind. You experience what you deem an uncomfortable or unpleasant experience, this is in a sense your inner guidance system telling you that what is currently in your mind is not in alignment with who you truly are or what is fundamentally true.

Therefore, you can now know that all discomfort or disease, which you feel in your reality is product of believing in lack, which is the only thing that is fundamentally untrue. Do not buy into the idea of lack.

If believing in one thing, which is out of alignment with the true reality feels contractive as negative energy is contractive, then the opposite is also true. By aligning with something, which is fundamentally true, you feel expansive as positive energy is expansive, and feels as you might term it good, pleasant and desirable.

The greatest goal of any conscious being is to align itself with that which is truly representative of who they are.

Therefore, if you can remain in this vibration of what you say you prefer, if you can find the vibration of what you prefer, feel and hold this in your mind at all times as long as possible in every moment that you are capable of doing so, your reality will begin to reflect this Abundance.

Always remember that it is not the thing, it is not the object or the situation that you truly desire, however, it is just the feeling that you believe this situation or object will bring to you. Therefore, you are able to evoke this feeling in yourself without the use of anything external, you will take control of your own life.”

So now I get this concept of Abundance really really deep in my stomach, I feel financially secure.


And if I maintain this feeling of financial security long enough, I think there will be no limit to what I can financially manifest in my life.


Feel wonderful! 


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What is Wealth?

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I am happily walking on my  wisdom journey and last night my inner person told me that I should find out the real meaning of wealth. So as soon as I woke up this morning, I started searching for its meaning and I think I found it.

In essence, wealth seems to be the consequence of creating values all around oneself, preferably with ripple effects. In other words, creating values is the cause and the wealth is the effect.

When I say “creating values“, it must sound very general to you…. You know, two days ago I got the meaning of “creating values” in a very deep way. So if I run into a video that explains exactly what I got, I will share it with you.

And in general, I keep planting great seeds in the garden of my mind and I think Lao Tzu is with me on that. 1


And below is the best video I found on the subject of wealth. It is a 85min-long movie and worth every second for those, who are seeking wealth as well.

The best concept that stood out for me from the video was that problems are only opportunities requiring solutions. So instead of looking for opportunities, one should look for problems. And in essence, a businessperson is a problem solver, who solves problems for a profit

And seeing “problems” and “problem solving” in this light was immensely enlightening to me as, instead of being upset when problems occur, now I can see them as the very reason for being in business and get excited about them.   


Feel wonderful! 


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Sneak peek into my and Oprah’s gratitude journals

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Having decided to keep a gratitude journal, I have downloaded an app called “Gratitude Journal” and below are my first two entries.


And while looking for instruction for keeping a gratitude journal, I run into Oprah’s post on gratitude journal. So below, I would like to share that post with you in its entirety. Enjoy!

What Oprah Knows for Sure About Gratitude

For years I’ve been advocating the power and pleasure of being grateful. I kept a gratitude journal for a full decade without fail—and urged you all to do the same. Then life got busy. My schedule overwhelmed me. I still opened my journal some nights, but my ritual of writing down five things I was grateful for every day started slipping away.

Here’s what I was grateful for on October 12, 1996:

1. A run around Florida’s Fisher Island with a slight breeze that kept me cool.
2. Eating cold melon on a bench in the sun.
3 . A long and hilarious chat with Gayle about her blind date with Mr. Potato Head.
4. Sorbet in a cone, so sweet that I literally licked my finger.
5. Maya Angelou calling to read me a new poem.

A few years ago, when I came across that journal entry, I wondered why I no longer felt the joy of simple moments. Since 1996 I had accumulated more wealth, more responsibility, more possessions; everything, it seemed, had grown exponentially—except my happiness. How had I, with all my options and opportunities, become one of those people who never have time to feel delight? I was stretched in so many directions, I wasn’t feeling much of anything. Too busy doing.
But the truth is, I was busy in 1996, too. I just made gratitude a daily priority. I went through the day looking for things to be grateful for, and something always showed up. ‘

Recently, in the process of building a television network, I got so focused on the difficulty of the climb that I lost sight of being grateful for simply having a mountain to climb. Only when I began feeling gratitude for the opportunity to serve a new audience in a new way did a shift happen. Viewers started saying the most amazing things—things that aligned exactly with my vision of what OWN can be.

My life is still crazy busy. Today, though, I’m continuously grateful for having the stamina to keep going at this pace. Nothing I do can be “phoned in”; when I show up, I have to bring 100 percent all the time. The week I did this month’s interviews with the Obamas and Romneys, I was in eight cities in seven days (from Santa Barbara to Chicago, with Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, and Sun Valley, Idaho, in between).

The difference is, I’m back to journaling—electronically—and whenever there’s a grateful moment, I note it. I know for sure that appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you’re aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots.

In the next few weeks, we’ll all be getting ready to cast a vote for the candidate of our choice. But I’ve learned from experience that if you pull the lever of gratitude every day, you’ll be amazed at the results.


So you see, I have immediately jumped into action with my gratitude practice. And I trust that you will do so too!

Feel wonderful! 


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Gratitude got me!

Good day world!

Last night I was awakened to the concept of gratitude and now it feels like the one of the greatest discoveries I could make in this lifetime. Eariler I had encountered this concept many times, of course; but I could never deeply relate to it. Then last night, when I was sitting behind my pc and was open to feel the next right thing to do, the concept of gratitude visited me.

Then I googled quotes on gratitute, and the more I found out what other people have to say about it, the deeper I felt its significance at the core of my being. Among the many great quotes I found, these are some of my favourites:

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So wanting to practice gratitude as a habit, I searched and found some great videos on Youtube. And after doing some research on gratitude, it seems that gratitude is the key that unlocks the abundance of the universe to the practitioner.

In this video, Oprah says keeping her gratitude journal is the single most important thing she does:

In below video, Toni Robbins shows how to do gratitude practice:

In this video, Marie Forleo explains how to keep a gratitude journal right:

In this last video, Eckhart Tolle and Oprah explains why and how the feeling of gratitude brings more to be grateful about into our lives:

Finally, I trust that these resources helped you to grasp the importance and magic of making the feeling of gratitude a part of your state of being. At my end, I am definitely going to make it an inseperable part of my thoughts and feelings!

Feel wonderful! 


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The Day I Became Wealthy

Below video is a must watch for everyone, who doesn’t carry around a wealth mindset!

In case you didn’t know for sure like me before that your thoughts create your life happenings, in this video, Tony Robbins demonstrates that the moment a shift occurs in your mindset (which is a firm belief created by constant thoughts), your life happenings change reflecting the changed thought patterns.

So watch it & enjoy!

And if you are convinced, now your job is to find ways to change your thought patterns for the better. So find them & enjoy the riches!


Feel good! 


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Passion and Enthusiasm

enthusiasm“Lessons for Success” book, a sharing about Passion and Enthusiasm:

  1. Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they’re great because their passion. —Martha Graham, founder,  Martha Graham Dance company (1894-1991)
  2. I don’t sing a song unless I feel it. The song don’t tug at my heart, I pass on it. I have to believe in what I’m doing. —Ray Charles, singer, songwriter (b.1930)
  3. If you’re passionate about something, then you should pick up your flag and run with it. —Bette Midler, actress, singer, comedian (b.1945)
  4. Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. —Vince Lombardi, football coach (1913-1970)
  5. We could hardly wait to get up in the morning. —Wilbur Wright, pioneer in aviation (1867-1912)
  6. Life loves the liver of it. —Maya Angelou, author and poet (b.1928)
  7. One of the things I learned the hard way was it does not pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of live can restore your faith in yourself. —Lucille Ball, comedian, actress, head of Desilu Studios (1911-1989)
  8. Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp–or what’s a heaven for? —Robert Browning, poet (1812-1889)
  9. Enthusiasm moves the world. —Arthur James Balfour, British statesman, philosopher (1848-1930)
  10. I believe you have to make your own opportunity. You really have to get going. Get out! Find ’em! Set ’em up! Do ’em! —Diana Ross, singer, actress (b.1944)
  11. Passion is the trigger of success. —Anonymous
  12. We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility. —Albert Einstein, physicist (1879-1955)

Continue reading Passion and Enthusiasm

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Hold Fast to Dreams

Found this treasure when my spouse and I were reorganizing and looking through boxes in the garage.

… Hmm… “Lessons for Success” book “Is this yours?” my spouse humorously asked :D. Of course, it was not mine, but I took it to read. And I also want to share what is inside of this treasure.


Let’s get some inspiration from whom has already succeed and succeed together.

Today’s sharing is “Hold Fast to Dreams

  1. Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. —Napoleon Hill, speaker, writer (1883-1970)
  2. Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seams to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity,confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably. —Walt Disney, film producer, entrepreneur (1901-1966)
  3. A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. —Denis Waitley, speaker, writer
  4. To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only dream but also believe. —Anatole France, writer (1844-1924)
  5. You need to have dreams. Everything starts with a dream. — Sheila Douty, Olympic medalist in softball (b.1962)
  6. I always have to dream up there against the stars. If I don’t dream I’ll make it, I won’t even get close. — Henry J.Kaiser, founder, Kaiser Steel (1882-1967)
  7. When I look into the future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes. — Oprah Winfrey, television talk-show host, (b.1954)
  8. Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil. —James Allen, novelist (1849-1925)
  9. To dream anything that you want to dream, that is the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do, that is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself, to test your limits, that is the courage to succeed. 
  10. When a man has put a limit on what he can do, he has put limit on what he can do. —Charles M. Schwab, CEO, Bethlehem Steel (1862-1939)

Continue reading Hold Fast to Dreams

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Show honest and heartfelt appreciation

… Since he soon had to give a speech professionally on how he applied the principles of appreciation, he thought he would gain some worthwhile experience talking with the elderly lady. So he looked around the house to see what he could honestly admire.

“This house was build about 1890, wasn’t it? he inquired.

“Yes,” she replied, “that is precisely the year it was build.”

“It reminds me of the house I was born in,” he said. “It’s beautiful. Well built. Roomy. You know, they don’t build houses like this anymore.”

“You’re right,” the old lady agreed. “The young folks nowadays don’t care for beautiful home. All they want is small apartment, and then they go off gadding about in their automobiles.

“This is a dream house,” she said in a voice vibrating with tender memories. “This house was built with love. My husband and I dreamed about it for years before we built it. We didn’t have an architect. We planned it all ourselves.”

She showed Mr. R — about the house, and he expressed his hearty admiration for the beautiful treasures she had picked up in her travels and cherished over a lifetime –paisley shawls, an old English tea set, Wedgwood china, French beds and chairs, Italian paintings, and silk draperies that had once hung in a French chateau.

After showing Mr. R — through the house, she took him out to the garage. There, jacked up on blocks, was a Packard car –in mint condition.

“My husband bought that car for me shortly before he passed on,” she said softly. “I have never ridden in it since his death … . You appreciate nice things, and I’m going to give this car to you.”

“Why, aunty,” he said, “you overwhelm me. I appreciate your generosity, of course; but I couldn’t possibly accept it. I’m not even a relative of yours. I have a new car, and you have many relatives that would like to have that Packard.”

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What is your Signature?

s-w300We should be aware of the magic contained in a name and realize that this single item is wholly and completely owned by the person with whom we are dealing … and nobody else.

The name sets the individual apart; it makes him or her unique among all others. The information we are imparting or the request we are making takes on a special importance when we approach the situation with name of individual. From the waitress to the senior executive, the name will work magic as we deal with others.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

And your signature is your power, your approval, your image and your reputation. Constitution_signed



And then make your signature to an Autograph. 

Success is when your signature turns into autograph.” — Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Can I have your Autograph? …