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Darkness: Do I really need you?

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These days, the journey of my life is taking me through the concept and experience of Darkness. Having not much understanding of this concept, I am trying to know what I don’t know yet. And today’s question is “Do we really need Darkness to be humans?”

Below is an amusing photo story that depicts this concept, and I am truly wondering if we really need to have Darkness as part of us….

If yes, what purpose could it possibly serve?…


Feel wonderful! 


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Fear or Love?

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Coming across below video last summer was the first time I heard about choosing between love and fear2

The key message in Gary Zukov‘s above advice is “What comes from love will feed you, will nurture you, will excite you. You want to get up in the morning for it. And what comes from fear will dampen that.” When I heard this advice the first time, it had sounded intellectually very appealing.

And today this concept naturally sunk into my mind (after being triggered by yesterday’s post) and now I am embracing it as the guiding principle to make choices and decisions in my thoughts and actions. And of course, the principle is quite simply to ask “Am I coming from love or fear?”


To share the words of wise men, who knew the power of these two forces:








You see. So many people know about the power of these two forces–love and fear….

So which one do you intend to choose? Sweet love?


Feel wonderful! 


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4 Types of LOVE

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Lately I have grown to become a huge fan of Toni Robbins and today I would like to share with you a short video, where he explains 4 types of love. When I hear his explanation, I realize that I need to mature from the 1st and 2nd types of love altogether and learn to stay at the 3rd level permanently. If I get to the 4th level of love, then I will be truly enlightened, I believe. Until then the 3rd level is my target.

And how about you?


Feel wonderful! 


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Vulnerability: It turns out to be a strength!

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Hereby I would like to share with you my coolest latest discovery. Being, or at least trying to be, a strong person all my life, I always associated vulnerability with being weak or helpless. However, after listening to Brené Brown‘s below speeches, my mind opened to the fact that vulnerability could indeed be a source of strength.

However, getting something mentally is quite different from feeling it emotionally and knowing the thing. So I wished to feel the power of vulnerability and surely, within 24 hours both through personal experiences and a powerful Youtube video (click here to watch it), I got what I asked for. So now I know that vulnerability is a source of strength and profound connection.

And in case you didn’t know it as well, please watch below speeches of Brené Brown and let her enlighten you on the topic:

Feel wonderful! 


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Life is like Music

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Like many people I have been trying to find the meaning and purpose of life, and after months of research and pondering, I have come to the conclusion that life is simply about the experience and enjoyment. And in below video, Alan Watts explains that perspective the best by comparing life to a piece of music or a dance. So watch the short video and see if you agree with us.

Feel wonderful! 


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From Ambition to Meaning

Dear world,

It has been exactly one year since I went on a journey within a journey. First, I didn’t know what I was up to. All I knew was that when I moved to Frankfurt and wanted to change career, I wanted to do something meaningful. I didn’t know what that meaningful job would be, all I knew was that a voice within me kept telling me “I want to do something meaningful!“. And as it turned out, that’s exactly what I ended up doing and expanded even beyond it.

In below movie titled “From Ambition to Meaning“, Wayne Dyer shows and explains how everyone eventually needs to shift from ambition to meaning. When Wayne says “meaning“, don’t get him wrong! By “meaning“, in essence, he means “ambition with meaning“.

Earlier I had been what people called a “successful corporate girl”, but when I reached what seemed to be the pinnacle of “success”, I had found myself utterly empty and unhappy. So I left home and went on a journey to find what fills that huge hole inside me.

It was quite a journey and eventually I found what fills that hole. And below movie shows what exactly I found. 1

So enjoy the movie! You could be on this journey, even if you may not know it.

And here are my notes from the movie:

  • People wrongly and subconsciously make the following associations:
    • I am what I have.
    • I am what I do.
    • I am my reputation (what others think who I am).
    • Who I am is separate from everybody else.
    • Who I am is separate from God.
  • Surrender. Be guided. Let yourself be lived by it.
  • Ego & attachments lead us the wrong way.
  • Shifting to a higher place.
  • The meaning of the word “Enthuasism” in Greek means “God within”.
  • Once you shift to higher awareness, synchronicities become the norm.
  • The followings become women’s priority after change occurs:
    • Own personal growth
    • Selse of self-esteem
    • Spirituality
    • Happiness
    • Forgiveness
  • Virtues:
    • Reverence for all of life
    • Sincerity
    • Gentleness (kindness)
    • Supportiveness (service)
  • Purpose is found in service.
  • Just one day put your attention on making life better for someone else. If you can focus on thinking like that, that’s how God thinks.
  • To touch someone’s life is more valuable than any amount of money.
  • Ask “How may I serve?”
  • Not being attached to outcome, but being attached to service.
  • Asking “How can I serve?” and living by it is living with meaning.
  • Surrender.

Feel wonderful! 


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A Course in Miracles

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My today’s huge discovery has been the book “A Course in Miracles” brought about by Helen Schucman, who channelled the dictation of Jesus.

Sounds too unreal to you?

Well, to me not as I come from a country with a lot of Shamans. To me, speaking to a spirit through a channel is as normal a thing as speaking to you in person. So I totally embrace all sorts of psychic channelling.

Anyway, below is the 2-part story of how the book dictation came about. In essence, it is said in the video that Jesus was compelled to dictate the book to the new generation in 1965 after centuries of misinterpretations of his original messages. So please watch below video for the history of how the book “A Course in Miracles” was brought about:

And here is the audio version of the book itself in 4 separate parts:

Besides the main book, workbooks for students and teachers were also channelled. To access their PDF versions, click here.

And a dedicated teacher of this book “A Course in Miracles” is Marianne Williamson and in below video, Marianne says that “this book is not about religion, but a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy, or a psychological mind training, which helps us to relinquish the thought system based on fear and accept instead a thought system based on love.”

Furthermore, she claims that this book is less about gaining knowledge, but more about practicing the principles within and accessing the God from within. So press the Play button below and listen to what Marianne has to say about this book of Jesus.


Feel wonderful! 


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Return to Love

Hello world!

Today I listened to the spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson‘s below book titled “Return to Love“. It was one of the great books that I recommend the whole world to study as a textbook.

The book offers many precious pearls of wisdom. And my favourite concept is that the God creates each humanbeing to perfection. To explain it, Marianne takes the example of Michelangelo, who when asked the question “How do you sculpt such masterpieces?”, answered “God created the masterpieces already and my only job is to remove the extra stones around them”.

So listening to this example and thinking about my talented cousins, I got strongly convinced that indeed every one of us seems to be created with one definite unique Greatness that is meant to be unleashed in this lifetime. When unleashed, the Greatness brings the highest level of happiness and success; and if not unleashed, it becomes the source of deep dissatisfaction and failure in life, I think.


Convinced of this concept, I had to update my belief about life yet again. If the last version of my belief was “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself“, now my new belief is “Life is about finding and unleashing the unique Greatness that each one of us is born with.

Through my experience, I have found that a person’s Greatness lies on the intersection between his/her strongest Passion and the most outstanding Talent. In my case, my Greatness is to perceive and communicate my perceptions. In one of my cousins’ case, her Greatness lies in bellydancing. In another cousin’s case, it is to make women beautiful. And in my yet another cousin’s case (Linda), her Greatness is to organize things and people masterfully.

Finally, if you are someone, who is looking for the answers to the biggest questions of life, and also seeking health, happiness and wealth, then you need to listen to below short audiobook! 2.5 hours spent on this audiobook will change your life forever.



Feel wonderful! 


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Search for Happiness right now!

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Yesterday, through John Lennon and my words, I intended to show that one finds Happiness through Love. (Click here for the story.) In case, you did’t relate to our words, here are the words of yet another man, who imparts the same wisdom. And that man is no one other than the exuberant Roberto Benigni. So enjoy his speech and exuberance!


Feel wonderful! 


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Love is the Energy of Life

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I have just found a video that demonstrates the truth of below gospel and I wanted to share it with you immediately.


In below video, the ModernHealthMonk takes two examples to demonstrate that what happens in the mind determines energy level. But listening to him talk, my inner person couldn’t stop herself from wanting to correct him.

And the correction is that in his two examples, it’s not what is happening in the mind that determines the energy level, but what is happening in the heart that determines everything including energy level.


So please listen to the ModernHealthMonk‘s talk for yourself and make your own judgement on the issue.

So if you have watched the video, who do you side with in this case? The mind or the heart?

I trust that the choice is the heart and I trust that you choose to do only the things that you love and be with the people, whom you love. When we achieve that, we have all the energy in the world to feel wonderful and celebrate life all the time!

Do what you love

Feel wonderful! 


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Being Non-Judgemental. But HOW?


Today my inner person is screaming to know about being non-judgemental. So I found below two videos for her.  The first one is about how to be non-judgemental of others. 1

And the second one is about being non-judgemental of ourselves. 2

This topic of being non-judgemental is one that I had never ever cared to know about before. And judging by its appearance on my consciousness, I am thinking that I must be clearly heading towards the 500-point on the consciousness scale, which is the level of iKxIyGkO.

So good to know where I am heading… 


Feel good!