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Runners’ High

Hi friends!

Today’s topic is Runners’ High. I haven’t personally felt super duper good-feeling Runners’ High from running even though I did use to run non-stop for 2 hours and feel good all the way till the end. However, I have experienced something similar to (if not better than) Runners’ High from a combination of dance and yoga practices.

And in case, you haven’t heard about Runner’s High before, here is a teaser for you. 1

Here is how it works. 2

And here is one runner’s experience of Runner’s High1

So, by now, are you teased and tickled by Runners’ High? If yes, how about going for a run tomorrow morning?


Feel good! 




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Butt Lift – Day 12 of 30

This morning I woke up with my body feeling fluid. What’s the reason? It’s because I am trying to work out 30-45min every morning with a daily dose of 30-Day Butt Lift fun with BeFit.

What’s the secret? I think it is not eating close to bedtime. I have heard many fitness trainers say “Ab is made in the kitchen. It’s 20% workout and 80% what you eat.” But to me that has not been the case.

My case has been that every time I eat within 2 hours of bedtime, the next morning I get up with a nice round belly. No matter how much I workout and how low-calory I eat, as long as I sleep without digesting the food throughout the whole body, my body cuts corner by adding all the food to my belly. So because I ate early (6:30pm) and slept late (2am+), this morning I woke up with a gorgeously slim, fluid midsection and then I hit the matt with below butt lift workout and more.


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Butt Lift – Day 11 of 30

This morning my mind was up as soon as I awoke, but my body wanted to lie down for quite some time. It seems that my latest hyperactive lifestyle didn’t give my body enough sleep to do whatever hormonal activities it undertakes while we are asleep.

ExerciseAnimation.gifBut I did get up after about 20mins and started jumping and pumping on my matt, and that made me feel much better instantly. And today’s butt lift workout was cardio-intensive, so that injected a lot of energy into my restoring system.

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Butt Lift – Day 10 of 30


matt5After a long weekend of yoga and dancing, this morning I got back to my Butt Lift fun. As I have done all the workouts of the BeFit 30 Day Butt Lift Bootcamp, I started all over again with the 1st workout, which is the easiest in the series. As of now I haven’t seen a significant change in the shape of my butt, but anyway I am excited to think about how good it might get eventually …


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Bikini Body – 03.13.16


As I planted flowers and plants on our yards for spring and summer, today I started shaping my bikini body for this summer. I want to look fit and hot when we go to Belize in July.

I will do below Workouts for two weeks and try different one.

First Two Weeks Workout (Mar 13 – Mar 27):

Second Two Weeks Workout (Mar 28 – Apr 10) :


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Butt Lift – Day 9 0f 30

Today’s butt lift work out was Kickboxing- and Capoeira-inspired. Until I finished the workout, I didn’t know what Capoeira was. And when I googled, Wikipedia said Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is drumusually referred to as a game.” Now isn’t that a very nice form of Martial Art? Check it out here:

It seems that in fighting they seem to do everything except hitting and kicking the other person’s body, and I like that non-aggression! And on below picture, Izabel Goulart, the Brazilian model and a Victoria’s Secret Angel, seems to be doing just that.the-other-golart-girl-5