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From Gratitude to Reverence

Hello world! 1572169j3na5icddw

How are you feeling?

Do you know what the best feeling one should strive to maintain at all times is?

Well, it turns out to be the feeling of Gratitude.


Over the past 6 months, I have been reading and hearing about the value of feeling Gratitude. And what I had read and heard about had me convinced at a mental level that feeling Gratitude is a good thing. However, I have just found below explanation of Gratitude, which just took my mental acceptance of it to a soul-level adoration.

To share some of the notes I have taken from the below audio material:

  • Love + Value = Gratitude/Appreciation
  • Gratitude = Vibration of expansion
  • Maintain this vibration long enough and it becomes Reverence
  • Feeling Gratitude for something is getting in one’s own way. Strive for Gratitude itself without having to attach any circumstance to it. When you have reached this point, Reverence occurs.
  • Feel Gratitude in all moments, Gratitude for all things, for your existence.
  • Reside within the vibration of Gratitude.

And the best thing I like about this new information is the fact that it says Gratitude turns into Reverence at the highest level. Hearing about it, I am thinking “What I would give to have a perpetual feeling of Reverence inside my chest!!!


So ready to listen to the material itself?

Here it is. 1

Feel wonderful! 


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The tool for Life Balance check

Good evening world!

Thanks to Brilliance Within, today I became aware of the tool known as “The Wheel of Life“. As soon as I saw the tool, I was blown away by its potential to show the big picture balance of my life. So as per the instructions given in below video, I drew my wheel, and as you could imagine, the balance wasn’t perfect. However, I am going to use today’s drawing as the base line comparison for  future balance checks.

Since I discovered “the Scale of Consciousness“, I have been using it almost on weekly basis to gauge my spiritual development. In the same way, I am going to use the Wheel of Life as a resourceful tool to bring my life to balance. And once in balance, I think all areas of my life should run smoothly like a perfectly round-shaped wheel.



Feel wonderful! 


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How to make a DECISION?

Hello world!

I have just watched a great lesson on decision making. These days I need to make a few decisions, but without strong preferences or feelings in certain directions, I have been unsure about which roads to take. Then while entertaining the issues I need to become clear about, I have come across the following advice, which sounds very very sensible.

So now, after sharing it with you, I am going to use the knowledge gained from this video as a tool and see if I can bring some clarity to the items on my mind. In the meantime, please go ahead and watch the video and see if you like the lesson as well.


Feel wonderful! 


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What is a Miracle?

Good day world!

This morning I understood what a miracle is. After watching below video and listening to the audio book “Return to Love“, now I have come to believe that “miracle is what happens when we offer love.” In other words, as a powerful force, love is the cause and miracle is the effect. So if you want miracles to happen in your life, increase the dose of love that you give out.

million hearts 4u white red yellow green blue free 3d gif animation blogspot.gif

And to strengthen your belief about miracles, watch below video and listen to the audio book “Return to Love” by clicking here.


Feel wonderful! 


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Desire Manifestation Technique

A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event, like a flame or a whirlpool: the shape alone is stable, for the substance is a stream of energy going in at one end and out at the other.” — Alan Watts


And here I want to share with you a simple technique which changes the result of manifestations.




Glass of Water: One Powerful Wish Manifestation Technique

If you drink it as a medicine, shall it be; if you drink it as a poison, shall it be.

“You have probably wished for something at least once in your lifetime. Some wishes did come true, while others appear to be a struggle. Even if wish manifestation happens to be a challenge for you at the moment, you have to agree that our Universe is abundant. In order to manifest your wishes and tap into the abundance of the Universe you just need wish manifestation energy. When you know how to concentrate and give direction to your energy flow, you begin to attract what you want in your life. This article will give you a basic explanation of how you can use a powerful technique called “Glass of Water.” With it, you can better focus your wish manifestation energy and bring your wishes into reality.

Make sure to also read my “9 Ways to Wish Manifestation” article for more insights on the topic.

A similar technique is in the “Silva Method,” “Transurfing,” healing practices, ancient rituals, and other sources. It is mainly based on the fact that water is a great energy-informational conductor and that human body primarily consists of water. The main goal of the “Glass of Water” is to add power to your affirmations. It will help you program your body with the intention of your wish.

To conduct this technique, you will need an open mind, a sheet of paper and a glass of water. Write down your wish in a form of an affirmation on a sheet of paper (or a post-it note). Your affirmation should describe you in the present moment experiencing the manifestation of your wish. You can come up with your own affirmation or find one online.

There are many sources on the internet that can help you write an affirmation text for different types of wishes. Your text could be about finding a new job that you truly enjoy or finding your soul mate who loves you and who you love back. It could relate to attracting financial resources for a creative project involving you, finding a cure for certain health problem or even helping you lose some weight.

However, please keep in mind that any type of manifestation technique is not some kind of a magic spell. It will not immediately manifest all your desires. Neither will it find you the love of your life nor materialize a million dollars in gold. Techniques help your mind direct your energy and create a template or a thought-form of your wish on the energy field so it can further guide you towards its manifestation. Some manifestation techniques are just more advanced than others. “Glass of Water” is just one very powerful add-on to your affirmations and tested in practice with positive results.

After you write down your affirmation, you attach the sheet to the glass of water or put the glass on top of it. The next step is activating the energy channels in your hands. You can do it by simply rubbing your hands against each other until you feel them almost burning. Now, place your palms on each side of the glass and feel the energy flow between your hands. State your wish out loud or in your mind and visualize the state of being described in your affirmation to the point when you can almost feel it with your body.

While going through the visualization process, concentrate your attention on sending the energy through your hands into the water in the glass. It records the state of being when your wish is realized. It will charge the water with the intention of your wish. You can do this for a few minutes or until you can feel like it is enough. Now, drink that glass of water.

You can conduct this technique every evening and every morning before going to bed. It is quite easy to make this technique a part of your daily routine. If you have more than one wish, you should use a separate glass for each wish.

When your whole body charges the wish intention, it begins to guide you towards the manifestation of your wish. I hope you can make your wishes come true with this advanced manifestation method. And don’t forget to share it with a friend!”


About the author: Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (a/k/a Life Script Doctor) has profound knowledge in the new spiritual science Infosomatics. He also does meditation/manifestation/visualization techniques, numerology, energy self-healing practices, and other consciousness-awakening fields. Connect with Dmitriy, watch a free exclusive webinar, and learn how you can improve your life script writing skills by visiting:

Celebrate life! 


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The Power of Repetition

Hi my friends!

Now that we know that focusing gets energy flowing into whatever we are focused and bring more of that thing into our experience, next let’s find out how to intensify the process. And as you’ll hear in below recording, energy flow is intensified through repetition. 2

Do you need to hear a “testimony” on the power of repetition? Here is one for you. 1

quote-it-s-the-repetition-of-affirmations-that-leads-to-belief-and-once-that-belief-becomes-a-deep-muhammad-ali-3017 And if you are now convinced of the power of repetition, here is what you need to do every single day. 2


Feel good! 


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Where Focus goes, Energy flows

Hello everybody!vexy_animated_gif_1_by_newportmuse-d73v3ho

Today we are on our exploration of Energy and below I have compiled three videos that would help us understand how to channel Energy towards the things that we want, like and want to have.  

In below video, James essentially explains Einstein’s quote that I shared yesterday. (If you need to look up the quote, press here.) Regarding his short dialogue, I agree with everything James says except the gravity force part because “Like energy attracts like energy” principle works everywhere in the Universe, not only on earth where the gravity mechanically moves things. So I suggest that you replace that part with “the law of like-energy attraction” or just “the law of attraction” if you prefer.

If above video explained why we need to consciously choose what to focus on, below video teaches how to focus.  1

Then finally, in below video Tony Robbins teaches How to focus properly. I suggest that you listen to his talk up until 1 minute 42 seconds because before you jump into actions such as choosing the best trainer, etc that he talks about in the 2nd pillar, other things need to come into the picture.

And that other thing will be shared when the timing is just right. giphy

Finally, today’s lesson is the importance of being selective about what we focus on (or give our attention to, if you prefer) and see that area of our life expanding naturally. And I trust that you like the idea of it. So please stay ready for more powerful explorations that are to come one after the other!


Feel good! 


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One Action towards your Desire a Day

Hello dear Desire Manifesters

While chilling on my bed, I just found a very good video for those, who believe in taking concrete actions towards one’s desire rather than believing in spiritual tools such as the focus tool I posted right before this one. And here is how Colleen McCulla explains her technique. 2

If you ask my opinion, this technique really works! In fact, the whole Hermosa manifestation originated from my intention to learn German. Last year when I was working fulltime, I had needed an anchor that would bring me back to German language every day even on a small scale. So while searching for such an anchor, on 19th of August, 2015 (notice exactly 11 months ago), I came up with the idea of creating a German language blog where I would copy and paste one German joke a day and memorize the new words in the joke and study the sentence structures.

Then since starting that German blog, for 3 months, I didn’t miss a single day. However, later when Hermosa became the focal point of my attention, I decided to close down the German blog. And when I nurtured Hermosa, especially in the beginning, I intended to make at least one post a day and it really worked! Now see how far Hermosa has come along?

So having been reminded of the technique, now I am asking myself where in my life I could apply this technique…

Perhaps I should try in areas where I am totally lacking the desire, such as cooking interesting dishes, learning German language, etc…

Or perhaps I should apply in areas where I am burning with the desire, but don’t know where to start, such as sketching, animation creation, movie-production, fashion design, dress-making, etc…


So what do you think? Where should I apply the technique?

Feel good! 


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Focus tool for Desire Manifestations

Desires, desires, desires! They are so nice when they are manifested! Therefore, in this post, I would like to acquaint you with a powerful focus tool for desire manifestation.

Before you get started, I would like to emphasize that the instructions given in below guidance sound very much in line with everything spiritual and scientific I have learnt for desire manifestations. So please try it for yourself, try to practice it every night before bedtime and see how quickly your desires will manifest!

At my end, I have decided to replace my evening feel-good meditation with this focus tool as it seems more effective. So I will start today and I will report my results to you sometime later. By for now!


Feel good! 


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I HAVE! – The Right Statement

How about manifesting our hearts’ desires with the right statement? In below video, you will learn why saying “I want” is the wrong thing to say and why saying “I HAVE!” is the right one for effective manifestations. So please take the time to watch the short video below. 2

Coming to my personal experience, I have come across this concept many times before, but it never really stuck into my mind. That’s why I have written stories like “I want roses” and “I Want Money, I Want So Much Money“. However, regardless of my wrong statement, the former desire did come true and now I want to perpetuate such gifts. 12

As for the latter desire, I still have some mental shifting to work out. But it’s alright as things I want always manifest very accurately, sometimes very fast.

So in short, by posting this video here with Hermosa‘s help, I hope to really stick this “I HAVE!” concept into my mind this time. And I trust that you do too.


Feel good! 



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You create your own reality. But HOW?


finger-pointing-up This must be something that you have heard many times before. But do you really understand what it means? I, for one, hadn’t until quite recently. In essence, we create our realities through our thoughts and emotions. How so? The scientific and spiritual processes and demonstrations will be presented here in the days to come, but for now below video is a great place to get started. 2

Since understanding that I create my own realities through my thoughts and emotions, I am still in the process of imprinting this knowledge down to my DNA level. It takes a while, but I am gradually getting there…

And it’s not easy, you know… Remember how you try to not think during meditation, but your mind keeps shooting fireworks of thoughts in different directions? But practice makes it perfect, so sooner or later I will get excellent at directing with my thoughts and emotions, hence have a direct influence in what manifests in my reality.


Feel good!