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I am a Lightworker

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Sometimes I wish I was a “normal” human being that I was before because then I could direct my life with my mind. But now, the power of my mind and willpower is increasingly losing to the forces that I feel around my chest.

For example, right now I am actually sitting down to work and get a few things done that are on my mind. But when I start reading the things that I am supposed to do, the sentences don’t come together into a context and my eyes keep blurring. So after much struggle, I decided to take it easy and have come to my sweet blog to share my pains and challenges as usual.

So what are my pains and challenges at this point in time? Well, they have to do with the fact that I am a Lightworker. If you don’t know who a Lightworker is, here is one definition: “Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each Lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in Lightworkers.” (Source: )

I have come across this term “Lightworker” for the past 3-4 months almost everyday, but didn’t really try to convince myself that I am one. But after going through everything that I am going through, now I have come to a point where I have to admit that I am one.

Everyday I am slave to and channel for invisible energies. If our eyes could see, I think I look like this. 2


As the energies come through me, layers and layers of old energies get rid of my system. For months, the key exit point has been around my left teeth and lips. This energy exit is non-stop. If I am alone, I let this energy exit make that side of my face look strange. But if I am around people, I have to suppress it.

And many days, especially around full moon, lunar eclipses and intense gamma ray periods, my whole being is in turmoil. Then all I can do is just to lie down and let whatever is happening to me pass through me. And when that happens, I think I look like this. 2


So what are my pains and challenges this time?

Well I am going through an extreme deep-freeze period. And because of feeling extreme cold on daily basis, the right-shoulder-side cramp has been activated and deepened. Last Sunday, I couldn’t even move my hand to pick up my phone, let alone get up out of bed. And when I tried to get up, my body couldn’t take the excruciating pain, so I fainted knocking my head against the wall and scarred my face and got a bump on my forehead.

First I thought I was having a normal back strain because of feeling cold. However, when I read the Ascension symptoms mentioned in my earlier post, I realized that it was the deep-freeze symptom mentioned there. Oh well….

So coming to the concept of the Lightworker, here is what it is about and what I should be up to:

You know, there are supposed to be 144,000 Lightworkers born to assist the earth (or Gaia) to help it move from 3D to 5D. I have been receiving this and other information from other Lightworkers and channeled materials of ET’s. And yesterday, I found out that these 144,000 Lightworkers were written about in the Bible even.  Watch this as an example. 2

Finally, as a Lightworker, everything that I knew is shattering down and so many things that I haven’t even heard of are becoming my reality. So if this info is already too much to handle, I guarantee that way more is on the way!

Feel wonderful! 


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My Heart opened

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After hearing people talk about “Heart Opening” for months, finally I am going through that process myself. It started three days ago. Suddenly I started feeling a huge blackhole-like thing on my chest right on my Heart Chakra. Usually I feel my chakras as warm swirling energy. However, the sensation of this Heart Opening is different in that I feel huge empty hole inside me chest, right below the breasts and above the stomach.


Like every other new Ascension symptom I have had, first I was confused and puzzled about what was happening to me yet again. However, listening to below energy report from yesterday comforted me as Heart Opening is what is happening on a mass scale among the light workers.

By the way, this morning I happened to listen to the “12 Stages of Light Body Ascension” again and I am glad to see that I am on stage 7 of Ascension, where , among others, Heart Chakra opens more, we become more in tune with present moment, fear drops away and many cease to eat meat, sure and drink alcohol.

With this Heart Opening, something very important must to be taking place. It just commands my full attention. And since the morning I am trying to feel and listen to what is going on in there….


And when I listen closely, I feel that there is some sort of music going on. And after experimenting with possible genres, I found that it is Drum & Bass, and here is the exact piece that’s playing inside me chest as of this writing. 2

Feel wonderful! 


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Embracing Ascension

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Due to the fact that intense, strange things took place in my body and emotion in the past two weeks, I went on search for finding out what I was going through. The search included going to see a doctor one more time as well as reading and listening to the experiences of lots of other people experiencing the same symptoms.

And after taking in so much information as well as witnessing the strange phenomena to pass through me changing its nature every few days, my inner person is just finally getting convinced and comforted that whatever happens during this Ascension, it will be here to pass eventually. So now I am embracing this inevitable process called Ascension and hoping that my acceptance and embrace will make it of less discomfort and suffering.


Oh by the way, what is Ascension? In simple terms, it seems to be that of my Higher Self joining me in this physical form. Sounds incomprehensible?  I could understand that…. But this thing is seriously happening to me and many other people around the world. In case you are experiencing strange physical and emotional symptoms, check out below video for a very extensive list of possible symptoms. 2

By now I have experienced many of these symptoms, and after acceptance and embrace, now I am feeling brave enough to live through the other upcoming symptoms as well.


Feel wonderful! 


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I can only cry…

Hello world!

Right now there is only one thing I can do in life and that is just to sit here and cry. There is no one specific reason why I am crying, but I keep crying….

Two days ago while exploring what I might be going through, I came across this concept called “Dark Night of the Soul“. When I listened to below and other materials on the concept, they seemed to exactly match what I am going through. But because I didn’t want to go through such dark periods, I wanted to ignore it hoping that the darkness will stay away from me. But it seems it won’t.

Helpless as to what to do about this whole Ascension process, I have no other choice, but to surrender and let strange things happen to me. And today’s strange thing is that of crying for no reason.

Of course this Ascension process is really tiring, confusing and challenging. And I am trying my best to stay strong and cooperate with it. But there are times like now when I just break down.

As usual, there are nonstop vortexes swirling inside my head and throat. By now the intensity of their swirling is so strong, but after months of gradual increase of intensity, I seem to have used to living with it.

So yeah, I really seem to be going through a Dark Night of the Soul and below picture pretty well depicts how I look and feel at this moment. 2


But this shall pass too!

Feel wonderful! 


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What’s up with my Solar Plexus chakra?

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Toanimated-sun-image-0845day my Solar Plexus Chakra is active, super active. For the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been frequently feeling its spin, especially during meditation. And today it just keeps spinning non-stop and throwing out toxins through constant strong coughs, throw-ups and gases (the one I call natural-gas-like) up my throat.

Having took the day off to deal with its over-activation, only now does it dawn on me that perhaps my Solar Plexus Chakra wants some love and affirmation to boost up its energy and affirm the great job it is doing to cleanse itself.

So I have consulted Google and found below great affirmations for my Solar Plexus Chakra:

  • I am powerful and successful.
  • I flow and trust the Divine in me.
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I honor myself.
  • I am happy with myself.
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I feel my own power.
  • I am worthy of being loved, respected and listened to.
  • I choose healthy relationships.
  • I respect and care for myself.
  • I appreciate my strengths.
  • I choose the best for myself.
  • I am proud of my achievements.
  • I am successful in all of my ventures.
  • I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
  • I have the power to manifest my dreams.
  • I direct my own life.
  • I attract supportive and loving people.
  • I release all fear, stress and agitations to the Divine.
  • I release all critical judgments placed on me.
  • I am strong and powerful in a loving manner.
  • Courage flows through me.
  • I stand up for myself.
  • I assert myself and claim my space in a loving manner.
  • I express myself in a powerful way.
  • I stand on my own two feet.
  • I have the freedom to make my own choices in life.
  • I have what it takes to make my mark in the world.
  • I get things done.
  • I am empowered and I empower others.
  • Judgments from others say more about them than me.
  • I am able to make decisions and choose with awareness. I can always choose again.
  • In challenging situations I am relaxed and focused on positive outcomes.
  • I have respect for the emotions of others.
  • I see the differences in others as unique expressions that only make this life even more interesting and more colorful.
  • I am positively empowered and successful in all my ventures.
  • I feel great purpose and passion for life.
  • I deserve and accept the life I dream of.
  • I live with integrity and a high respect for myself and others.
  • I am in alignment with the abundant flow of the Universe.
  • I am connected to the source of all power.
  • I am enough just as I am.
  • I can. I will. I do.


Feel wonderful! 


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So Ascension it is!

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For the past 7 months, I have been walking on a strange and rather lonely journey. When it started, I had published the post titled “What are Chakras?” Since then I have gone through several different phases. In the first phase, the third-eye, throad, heart and crown chakras started swirling inside my body. I could feel the swirls as tangible as a physical ball is swirling inside my body.

Then I started channeling an ancestor’s spirit. One day he started speaking through my voice while I talked to him through my thoughts. And because I really really didn’t want to channel anyone’s spirit, I had to beg him several times to leave and he left.

After he left, my heart and throat chakras were cleared. Lots of past hurts and pains surfaced and they were let go through understanding and forgiveness. Then I wrote stories such as “My Father: The Source of All…“.

Then I happened to come across this thing called “Transformational Breathing“. When I attended several sessions, my lower three chakras were activated and started with a cleansing process. This process took nearly 3 months and each one of those chakras had a unique way of cleansing. When the solar plexus chakra cleansed, lots of odorless natural-gas-like gas came up from that chakra area and went out of my throat forcefully. When the sacral chakra cleansed, lots of coughing took place. Sometimes the coughing was so long and hard as if I had a heavy flu. With the root chakra, there has been lots of yawning during the transformation breathing sessions, but not much after that. So perhaps it’s not fully cleansed. I don’t know….

Then the huge drama started happening in my head. Lots of strong vortexes spin in my head, sometimes so strong and gives pain.


In the beginning, I was able to suppress the spinning and be able to deal with it after work. But then it got to a point where it is nonstop and my colleagues noticed it. Worried, they asked me to see a doctor, and when I had a full body check-up, I was 100% healthy, of course.

Sometimes the spinning energy is so strong and I am not able to do anything. So in one of those days when I couldn’t go to work, I sought helped from one of Facebook groups, where there are thousands of spiritually advanced people from all over the world. And below was my post:


To help me, so many people posted different tips and guidance, but I didn’t feel like doing any one of them. So I just decided to totally surrender to the process and wait for it to move to the next phase….

By the way, when I need to explain what is happening inside my head and body, I find words way too inadequate to explain. So then I wish I could at least draw the swirling energies so that people know what I am going through.


And starting from 2 days ago, the process seems to be moving unto the next phase. How do I know it?

If before, the energies where solely spinning inside my head, sometimes communicating with the solar plexus chakra or the sacral chakra, now I feel strong pulling-like feelings on my neck and pinching-like sensations in different parts of my back. So I am curious to see how the next phase will develop.

You know, in the beginning I was thinking that only my chakras were to open and get cleansed, and that’s it. But what is happening lately seems to give clue to something way larger underway. 5 days ago, I found this article named “Kundalini Rising & The Rewiring Process” on Facebook and many of the symptoms match those of what’s happening inside my body. So I thought “Oh my brain is rewiring! Soon my body is to rewire as well!

Then today I came across below recording which explains why that rewiring is happening. 2

Again the symptoms mentioned in this recording match many of those happening to me, so now I am getting convinced that what is called “Ascension” is happening to me. To be frank, I am little “suffering” throughout the whole process as many times it is unpleasant and painful. There are so many things I want to do in my free time, but all I can do in the evening or the weekend is mostly to sit or lie on my bed or sofa and let the process take place with as little intervention at my end as possible.

So this is a strange part of my otherwise beautiful life these past few months and that is also the reason why I write posts so sparsely these days.


Feel wonderful!