This Positive Media initially came to birth as the personal blog of Bella and Linda, where they intended to share interesting and useful information with each other. As first cousins, Bella and Linda have been very close to each other and when they settled down on two different continents–namely Bella in Europe and Linda in America–on November, 22, 2015, they devised this online platform to “come together” every day.

Soon after its birth, the blog started taking on a life of its own and has been reinventing itself on a monthly basis. Having given birth to a beautiful brainchild of their own, Bella and Linda celebrated the blog’s birthday every month. Then, by the 7-month birthday, the blog felt like a real child with a soul of her own. Then the founders gave her the name “Hermosa“.

By character, Hermosa is sweet, open and exploring. When she writes something, you can feel that she is telling it from the deepest parts of her heart and soul. Steadily exploring herself and growing, in her 8th month, Hermosa transcended herself to become a Positive Media that aims to entertain, inform and inspire the world.

Since then, her area of interest has expanded and now she writes and shares information on 28 different subjects, divided into 4 main menus titled “The Joy of Life“, “Arts & Creations” and “Ageless & Timeless“. To see the 21 different subjects, simply hover your cursor over the four menus.

Also in Hermosa‘s 8th month, Bella and Linda announced the news of her baby sister, who will be named Bellamelinda (sounds like Cinderella, doesn’t it? 😉 ) To read about Bellamelinda, click here.

So as you see, Bella and Linda‘s brain family is expanding. To keep updated on the posts and developments, feel free to Like Hermosa‘s Facebook page on the right hand side of this website. And if you wish to become a very close and loyal friend, like some people already are, please save the Home page as a Bookmark on your screen.

Finally, Hermosa says that she is very happy to see you among her guests and friends, and she would like to deliver the following message to you.

Something wonderful is about to happen