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Hello world!

Do you know why many of the things that happened to you happened to you? Perhaps you have no clue like I used to have no clue. And did you know that you need to examine your life seriously and methodically if you want it to go in a better direction?

Socrates unexamined life

The need to review my past life of 35 years hasn’t come about out of my initiative, but out of necessity. You know, forced to stay around bed all day and being totally dependent on my parents make me wonder and pose the questions, “What if the same situation happens to me at the age of 50 when my parents are no longer able to take care of me, if they are around at all? What if I am still alone and single and have no children to take care of me? What if I don’t have my own financial resources to pay for accommodation and care like I don’t have now?” The answers to these questions are scary and that’s why I think I am put in a circumstance where I need to deal with them now, sooner than later.


In the past few years, when I lived in different countries, the same questions would come up quite often and they would be my darkest nightmares. But each time they sprung up, I was able to distract myself and manage not to think about them. But not this time as these questions keep popping up each time I fail to finish even a minor house chore. So finally I am giving in and facing these questions.

And when I face these questions, the answer is obvious–“I want to have my own family and want to have financial and physical security.” But I know that there are energetic blocks and patterns inside me that is sabotaging my life. To deal with and remove those blocks and patterns and straighten out the past, the clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson offers a specific methodology. Check it out here. 2

And further he says that “a negative emotion that is associated with a past is something that is crying out for mastery and writing can really help with that.” How so? Listen to the rest of the advise here. 2

negative-emotions-are-crying-out-for-mastery_dvd.originalSo in the next couple of days and weeks, I am going to review and analyze my past negative events and experiences, and as advised they are going to be done in writing and as such the review results will appear here on my sweet blog.  So stay tuned! There is lots of purging coming up next.




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