Time for Spirituality 2.0

Hello world!

Through my 35 years’ of life experience, I have come to know and become 100% certain that the purpose of life is NOT to be happy only. This statement may sound outrageous to you. However, by now, it has become obvious to me that the belief “The purpose of life is to be happy” is one of society’s cliches and mantras that we adopt without even questioning.


Now as I become more and more aware and conscious every day, I could clearly feel and see the destructive consequences of people chasing this elusive thing called happiness.


In short, the belief of needing to be happy is blinding our minds and closing our hearts to many of life’s important issues and experiences, and making us pain-, discomfort-, truth- and challenge-avoiders. And I could see that when we avoid pain, discomfort, truth and challenge, the consequences of doing so end up creating even bigger pains, discomforts, challenges and disasters in our lives.


So if I can compress and put life’s purpose in one simple sentence, I would say that it is to be conscious and feel life through rich experiences, both good and bad. And luckily I was able to find someone, who came up with similar belief about life purpose and that reassures me. See below. 2

quote-the-purpose-of-life-is-to-live-it-to-taste-experience-to-the-utmost-to-reach-out-eagerly-eleanor-roosevelt-35-38-23However, I think, the problem is that the moment we define life purpose in a certain way and believe that definition, our life will immediately start taking shape highlighting that specific belief’s pros and cons. But on the other hand, when there is no definition or belief at all, we feel scattered and unguided, don’t you think? So I don’t know what the right way is.


And what I do know for sure is that nothing makes me ultimately happy. When I reach my goals or have the people and things I want in my life, there is always more wanting or feeling of dissatisfaction present inside me. So obviously something is wrong, whether it is the need to be happy, or the things I long for, or maybe even myself. And because I have come to that realization, Teal Swan says that I am ready for Spirituality 2.0. Check it out. 2

In short, Teal is defining Spirituality 2.0 as walking up to your negative emotions and being with them, and she believes that doing so is the way to end suffering. 2

After pursuing Spirituality for about 2 years, through my own experience I have come to know that positive thinking and feeling, path of least resistance and following one’s bliss work only to some extent, and beyond that they loose their power and actually work against us. So I intuitively feel that, from this point on, Spirituality 2.0 will be the answer to my prayers.

And here is further elaboration on Spirituality 2.0.  2

Finally, Teal Swan says that Spirituality 2.0 brings us wholeness and unconditional self-love2

So since what Teal Swan calls Spirituality 101 has started to prove to be too simplistic in my case, now I am going to practice the Spirituality 2.0 and see its effects and consequences in my life. Hope it won’t be something that I would regret!


Vibe high! 


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