What I want (updated)

Hello world!

Three days ago I defined what I want and took the notes here on my sweet blog. However, since then my consciousness level has risen up rather fast, and I have made some updates and adjustments in what I want. So as of this moment, below is what I want2

What I want

Me comes first:

  • Being sovereign, secure, super-powerful and surrendered in existence.
  • Being authentic, honest, humorous and happy with myself.
  • Having the freedom to do what I want when I want to.
  • Having abundance of energy, well-being and wealth to do anything I want.
  • Being ready, able and willing to receive all the good that this life has to offer.
  • Feeling the vitality and the beauty of my body and honoring it. And feeling wonderful in my dresses.
  • Enjoying the delicious juicy feeling that my body creates when I work out, do yoga or dance, and feeling graceful and gorgeous in posture.
  • Having words-can’t-describe-it good experiences. (like my “honeymoons” with B)
  • Laughing and dancing abundantly. Becoming one with music. Perhaps singing too.
  • Having crazy fun and spontaneous adventures. (like my Beijing night outs)
  • Creating beautiful creations that I can look at and never be able to get enough of. (like my sweet blog posts)
  • Owning beautiful real estates and decorating them the way I like. (like I used to)
  • Living and working in wonderful places, which vibe with beauty and comfort. Being in the nature a lot.

God comes next: 

  • Getting pleasantly surprised by mind-blowing, heart-touching manifestations that take me straight to surrender to God and make me almost kneel down with utter admiration and deference. (like the Cool Water perfume manifestation)
  • God taking care of my financial needs beyond my highest imagination and greatest gratitude. As the result, I could keep saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” to infinity. (like it used to)
  • Constantly allowing God’s gifts and miracles to flow through me with ease. Being the voice and channel for God to create greatness.

Others come third:

  • Feeling treasured by the people around me and seeing their eyes lit up and lips smile when they see me. And surrounding myself with people, who genuinely care about my well-being. 🙂 (like my sisters do)
  • Going to sleep and waking up with the most amazing man in the world and to be called “My wife”. (like I used to go to sleep and wake up …)
  • Feeling the most wonderful feeling of being born a woman: To be a mother.
  • Having wonderful co-creation processes with shared delights, curiosity, discoveries and celebrations. And improving the life on earth with what we do.
  • Being kind and supportive to everyone. (especially my family)
  • Hanging out with awesome people and having friends, with whom I connect at a deep level and be myself.
  • Seeing my “Gifts & Miracles” touch the core of people’s souls, wake them up and raise their consciousness levels.


Vibe high


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