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Hello world!

Life events have triggered me to think about and decide what I want going forward, and when I wrote them down, I got pleasantly surprised that none of what I want is an end-goal, but all of them are processes. The problem with having concrete end-goals is that I invariably achieve almost all of them and once I get close to achieving them, a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction grows inside me and my subconscious mind sets off a destruction process. (Click here for the story about it.)

That being my previous patterns, I am glad to see that I have taken the lessons from my past experiences and have gotten better at defining what I truly want.


So what are the new definitions of what I want?

And the answers are here for your curiosity.2

What I want

  • Having wonderful co-creation processes with shared delights, curiosity, discoveries and celebrations.
  • Creating beautiful creations that I can look at and never be able to get enough of them. (like my sweet blog posts)
  • Having mind-blowing, heart-touching manifestations that take me straight to surrender to God and make me almost kneel down with utter admiration and deference. (like the Cool Water perfume manifestation)
  • Having words-can’t-describe-it good experiences. (like my “honeymoons” with B)
  • Feeling treasured by the people around me and seeing their eyes lit up and lips smile when they see me. 🙂 (like my sisters do)
  • Having crazy fun and spontaneous adventures. (like my Beijing night outs)
  • Living and working in wonderful places, which vibe with beauty, comfort and nature.
  • Having the freedom to do the things I want when I want to.
  • Being authentic, honest, humorous and happy with myself.
  • God taking care of my financial needs beyond my imagination and greatest gratitude. As the result, I could keep saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” to infinity. (like it used to)
  • Constantly allowing God’s gifts and miracles to flow through me.
  • Going to sleep and waking up with the most amazing man in the world and to be called “My wife”. (like I used to go to sleep and wake up …)
  • Laughing and dancing abundantly. Perhaps singing too.
  • Having beautiful real estates to my name and decorating them the way I like. (like I used to)
  • Hanging out with awesome people and having true friends.
  • Feeling the most wonderful feeling of being born a woman: To be a mother.
  • Being kind and supportive to my near-and-dear ones. (especially my family)
  • Seeing my “Gifts & Miracles” touch the core of people’s souls.
  • Feeling the beauty of this body and honoring it.
  • Feeling the delicious juicy feeling that my body creates when I work out, do yoga or dance.


Be yourself, be unique


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