Taking Oprah’s lessons to heart

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It has been nearly 2 years since I started walking down the path, which was lit brightly by Oprah, and this is a spiritual path. Before coming to that path, I had no mental concept of God, let alone having a relationship with God.

And after watching hundreds of videos on spiritual matters (many of which are those of Oprah’s of course), shared most of them on my sweet blog and seen how my inner and outer worlds keep changing, now all I want is to get more of this good stuff called God.


As you know, religions personify God and refers to God as “him”, but the God that I have grown to know includes he, she, it, they, us and all, and also resides in all living and non-living beings including the air and the space. In short, I have grown to know that God is the energy behind all existence.

And at this point, God‘s existence in my life is on-and-off. Sometimes I find myself going back to old perspective of being alone, where problems seem difficult, if not insurmountable, and conflicts seem inevitable, if not normal. And as you could guess, those are the times when I have completely lost connection with God.

Going forward, what I want is to commune with God and live with the presence of God every single second. So this is a serious and sincere intention, and I trust that the God is listening.


When it comes to an example of someone, who totally communes with God and still is able to carry on a “normal” life, is Oprah, of course. In below speech, she explains how she became a Phenomenal Woman2

And as you could guess, she attributes her phenomenal success to God, and because the lessons given in above speech are so very important, below I have written down the key ones for our easy reference letter. And as a matter of fact, these lessons pretty much summarize the long videos of hers that I have watched over the two years and taken to heart. So enjoy and embrace the lessons!

Just be yourself! 

  • What I have come to understand now full circle is that the Life, the Universe, the Presence, the Divine was using Denis to help teach me to unleash the truth of my life, to unleash my own truth.
  • And life does that so well, you know. It uses other people to help us if and when we are willing to be helped, if and when we are willing to pay attention, to listen and to grow up and out into the truth of ourselves.
  • I am just someone who has paid real close attention to multi-thousand conversations and interviews, and listened to people’s pain and listened to their dysfunction and having them share their stories of joy and triumphs, and I have been present in every moment as it was happening, understanding that life is unfolding according to each of our truths that you are creating your reality as you think and as you act upon those thoughts.
  • Every thought, action and feeling all the time and that the universe is constantly reflecting that reality back to us.
  • Reality that starts for me with my intention to do well, to be a force for good in the world. And in return, I get this phenomenal forceful life, where I am constantly shown goodness and mercy. That is what I want for you! That is my mark for the planet. I want that for you.
  • And I am here to remind you that the way to your own truth, the way to a phenomenal life that only you can manifest in the Greatness that you were created to do is to be yourself. Just be yourself! That’s what the God wants. That’s what the Creator wants.
  • So the number one goal and role for you and the continuing goal for me is to become more of who you are.
  • Your life and what you are meant to do and what you are meant to contribute is special and does matter!
  • So many faces, and ideas, and we as one heart today, we come as one heart rejoicing in our quest for “What is the truth of me? What do I believe in? Why am I here? and What can I offer? And the answers is “Yourself”.
  • From the time I could pray, my prayer has been “Use me”. So the path to your truth is to ask the Universe, all that is God how can you best serve and be used in the service of your highest good, your highest self and that which is the highest good of the planet.
  • Being your true self: That is the only requirement that actually matters.
  • Understand what is the truth of your life and get about the business of living it. Leave here with that decision! It is a decision today that I am going to step into what is the truth of my life.
  • No matter what, live what is true for you! Just be yourself!
  • A few principles to do that:
    • There is a Flow. There is a Power, there is a Flow, there is a Stream, there is a Vibrational Field and Frequency with your name on it. Your job, your real job is to find that Flow and let it carry you to the next level and the next level and the next level. And when your life is out of order, when you are feeling out of sort, when things aren’t going the way they should be going, when you can’t figure out what’s wrong, you are out of the Flow. And your No.1 job is to get yourself back in the Flow.
    • How do you find the Flow? Find the truth? It feels right. So you move in the direction of what is the right thing to do and you do the right thing because doing the right thing is moving in the direction of love and love is what is gonna lift you to the highest possible vibration.
    • What makes you feel alive is your truth. What makes you come alive is your truth. And being able to understand what that is is what allows you to do what every human-being is here to do. We are here to try to fulfill the truest, highest expression of ourselves as human-beings. That is what you want. That is what I want. I am seeking what is the highest manifestation.
    • You cannot be all that you were created to be, however you understand the mystery of your Creation, unless you develop a Spiritual Practice. You cannot be all that you were meant to be unless you are willing to give yourself some time to nurture the Spirit of you. The Spirit that is you.
    • Beneath of all thing is the true thing. In all circumstances, look for the truth of what is really happening. No matter who you are, no matter how strongly and fiercely you can stand in the spiritual path, crisis is gonna come. You know, when crisis comes, the first thing I ask is “What are you here to teach me?” When betrayal comes, when devastation comes, when loss comes, the first thing you ask is “What are you here to teach me?” And when you can do that, it mitigates the loss ’cause you get clarity about why this really happened. It lessons the struggle, it loosens it up because you understand.
    • I don’t believe in failure. I believe failure is just information. It is information and an opportunity to change your course. Failure isn’t end of the road, it is just a detour. It is a big red flag saying to you “Wrong way! Turn around! You are going the wrong way.” So don’t be devastated by failure. Thank it, bless it, let it raise you up, let it show you the other way and take you in a new direction.
    • When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. When you don’t know what to do, get still. Get still until you do know because nobody knows, but you. Nobody knows for you, only you know the path to your own truth. You always know the answer when you are willing to hear your own truth.
    • You are the master of your faith, you are the captain of your soul.   You are sitting around waiting for somebody to fix it, to make it ok. You are the one, who is in the driver’s seat. You are the master of whatever is gonna happen to you. And whatever is gonna to happen to you when you are following the path of truth, you can trust that you will be strong enough to stand in it.
    • And why? Because you know your greatest power doesn’t come from this (points at herself), your greatest power comes from the Power Source. And that is what meditating, praying, yoga, standing underneath the trees, sitting by the ocean and taking some time for yourself, being still it allows you to fill your tank, to go directly to the source of all energy where you are sustained by the energy that comes from the divine source of all things.
    • Surrender to that power! Surrender to that energy! To that force field! And you will live the truest dream for you. Surrender your fear. Let go. And let that, which is all the names of God. Align with the Spirit that is you. And you too will experience the miracle, the phenomenally powerful majestic graceful life that you are waiting to claim for yourself. Be blessed!


Be yourself, be unique


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