Why I will do Business

Hello world!

A few days ago when I watched below TEDx Talk of Simon Sinek, I realized that I was among those people, who didn’t know WHY they wanted to do business. 2

In business schools and programs, we are taught and brainwashed that the key purpose of doing business is to earn profit. The greater the profit, the better. But after years of personal experiences and watching of successful business people’s experiences, now I am convinced that when business people clearly know WHY they go for business and focus intensely on that purpose, they become truly successful and profit takes care of itself.


Hence, I felt the need to clarify my WHY. And after living with the “WHY?” question for a few days, I have defined my WHY as “channeling Gifts & Miracles from God“. What do I mean by that?

For example, when I write my blog posts, I don’t really write the blog posts consciously with a definite purpose. What happens is that a particular feeling comes over me, and it feels like the next right thing to do. And when I start writing and choosing the pictures, videos and animations, the whole thing happens almost by itself without much conscious efforts at my end. And each time the blog post is done, I feel like I have channeled a beautiful Gift from God and the whole process seems like a Miracle. So I want the business results and processes to be the same for me.

Compared to what I channel from God, what I can consciously write up with my brain is too petty. Therefore, I wait without writing a post until God wants to speak through me. So like many other people say, when it comes to blogging, I become an instrument of God.


Therefore, when I do business, I want to be an instrument of God as well for I am sure that what will come from God will be infinitely better than what my conscious mind can think of and achieve.

So my WHAT is “business” (as it has always been) and my WHY is “to channel Gifts & Miracles from God“. I know that they sound very general, but what if I set my mind for a definite vision, but God has a far better one for me?


So I choose to remain open and ready to receive whatever God directs me to.


Be you, be unique


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