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Today I found the man, who has found the Billionaire Formula. His name is Naveen Jain. What separates him from the other two Billionaires in below video and in real life is the fact that he is able to verbalize the Billionaire Formula, seeks to executive it purposefully, taught it to his children successfully and perhaps taught it to others as well.

Put in the documentarian’s own words, “For Naveen, the Billionaire formula is simple.”

According to Naveen, the Billionaire formula is this: “What makes a successful person? They go out and solve BIG problems. So you know how to make Billion dollars? You solve a 10-Billion-dollar-problem.”

Furthermore, according to him, the definition of success is this: “Success is not about how much money you have. Success is about how many lives you will be able to improve.”


And what impressed me is the fact that his children also own the Billionaire formula and live to make BIG differences in the world.


The oldest son of Naveen says, “If you are solving problems, you are doing good in the world. And if you are doing good in the world and you are solving problems in the world, you are gonna make shit ton of money.” And the younger son says, “If you can solve a problem that affects 10 Billion people, and even if you only got a dollar out of each person, then you still make your 10 Billion dollars.”

So after watching this video, I have put Naveen‘s family in my Favorite Families list and have placed them quite close to Will Smith‘s family as everyone in the family is following their heart and living a truly meaningful life.


And before letting you start with the video, I would like to highlight that daily successes add up to a lifetime of success. And to have a successful day, nothing is more important than starting our day right. Therefore, I have written down Naveen‘s daily routine word for word with a bit of a bonus hoping that you and I will bring our morning routines closer to his.

  • “I wake up about 4:30-5:00am and between 5:00-5:15am I am working on email, catching up on news, looking at the blogs and looking at different opinions. So in the morning I wake up and then I take care of my mind.
  • And then after that I work out and that is taking care of my body. And then I do meditate before I go to work and that takes care of my soul. You know, business is like a war. You have to be completely prepared and unless you have mind, body and soul really all ready for it, you just can’t fight that battle.
  • If you want to succeed in life, you have to be absolutely at your best. And the only way to be absolutely at best is to give 100% of yourself.
  • Making money is the by-product of doing things that you really enjoy doing. It is never a goal in itself.

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