Feeling is a Language

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I have just found a great interview of my favourite scientist Gregg Braden, who, in below video, does a great job of explaining how our feeling is the language that communicates to the quantum field, which connects the whole universe together and creates the physical reality.

As he says, this quantum field is called by many names such as Quantum Hologram by many scientists, Nature’s Mind by Edgar Mitchell, the Mind of God by Stephen Hawkins or the Matrix by Max Planck, the father of quantum physics.

And my favourite part that I would like to highlight from the interview is the following: 2

“We have the opportunity to influence that field in ways now we are beginning to understand, and it is done through the human heart. It is not a thinking process. Thoughts are important. The ancients made distinction between thoughts, feelings and emotions. And it is the feelings that are centered in our heart, what are called coherent heart-based emotions. We know that when we feel a feeling of love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness, we change the self-esteem.

There is an effect from that. It changes the electrical and magnetic field in our heart and that those fields literally change the stuff that the world is made of around our bodies. Our hearts are the strongest magnetic field in our bodies and our hearts are the strongest electrical field in our bodies, much more so than the brain. The brain does create those kinds of fields, the heart is many times stronger.

And what the science now showing is that when you can change the field that the atom is in, you change the atom and we are made of those atoms. So we have feelings in our hearts, we are changing the field that connects the stuff everything is made of. And we literally are altering the physical reality in ways that sound miraculous.”

So with this long introduction, here is the interview for you. 1

And below is the video of the 3-min cancer treatment that Gregg is talking about. I had come across it once on Facebook. 2

Once you know this universal/physical law, the right way to communicate to this quantum/God field is to come from the feeling place of what you want is already true and real. Here is a great detailed explanation for you.  2

Finally, if you ask me how well I am connected to my heart and feelings, I think I am getting better and better every day. Sometimes my heart chakra even listens to the same music over and over again for hours. The other day it even seemed to be dancing to this music: https://giftsandmiracles.com/2017/08/17/return-to-beginnings-yakuro/

And today I had a plan to drive away to the beach, but my heart chakra was so active and processing some things hard that I had to stay in, take it easy and let it focus on whatever it is working on.


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