My Baby is Born

Hello world!


My baby was born this morning. It is the baby that I have been carrying inside me since 5th grade when I wanted to become a Businesswoman. Academically I succeeded, professionally I thrived and I became a Businesswoman. However, the business world that I was dreaming about turned out to be an ugly place, about which I wrote in some stories of mine (click here for a story).

Captured between the desire to remain a Businesswoman and the hatred for the ugly business world, I was puzzled for a long long time. But it turns out that I was just pregnant and I didn’t know it.


Long story short, the baby was born this morning and its mission, purpose, calling or whatever you call it is to do business the beautiful way. Since the birth of the baby, now it seems that, among other changes, I can no longer bear to see people who are walking around dead inside and who are slaving away their hours or killing them.


So I think I will shake up people and wake them up. It is not gonna be easy for the sleep-walkers, who don’t know this. 2


But I will try my best to be gentle. But who knows I will be inspiring even!


And if you wanna see an example of a person, who wakes up sleep-walkers inspiringly, watch Bishopp T.D. Jakes in action. 1


Be you, be unique


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