I will take Revenge!

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Here is to let you know that I have decided to take Revenge. “From whom?”

“From you, the World!”


What happened is that when I watched below interview of David Goggins, my mind opened to possibilities that I didn’t even know was possible. 2

While watching this interview, first I was shocked, then saw hidden potentials, then transformed internally, and by the end of it, I just owned the Badass bitch that I can be.


If you have been following me closely, you know that 3-4 weeks back, I set the intention to let all the pains hidden in my heart to surface and I was to walk through them and let go. Then as soon as I set the intention, the first pain surfaced and I had quite a drama with it. And that pain I will call the BF-pain.

Now I don’t know whether I have let go that BF-pain or not…. All I know is that I haven’t wept in the past 2-3 weeks and I haven’t listened to a sad song in two weeks. So hopefully that pain is let go. Fingers crossed!


If I didn’t know that the BF-pain was residing in my heart, there is another pain that I do know still resides in my heart. Hardly a day passes without me recalling some part of the whole pain, and when they are recalled, they feel bad… some of them feel terribly awful. Sigh_sighI will call this second pain the Business-pain. Remember I wrote a story about it earlier? (Business: Can it be done the beautiful way?)

If the BF-pain could be let go with tears, I know that the Business-pain cannot be let go with tears because I run out of tears on that one. But the pain is still there and it eats me alive from inside.


But I can’t let go. I just can’t!


So I will try this “Let it be” option….

However, in the Business world, letting it be means letting it be a dog eats dog world, where people exploit each other, bribe each other, cheat each other, mislead each other for profit or personal gain.


But how is that for a life? How is that for a life to have to be always watchful, defensive and insecure each day of your working day?


If you are going to live a life of a slave, why be born in the first place?


So slavery must stop! Exploiting must stop! Bribing must stop! Cheating must stop! Misleading must stop!


But you know what? If people knew that there was a better way to make profit and gain personal advantages without having to exploit, bribe, cheat and mislead others, they would choose that better way, wouldn’t they?


So I think that people are missing important pieces of the puzzle.


So I am thinking that perhaps I can talk to God and see if the God can help me find those missing pieces.



Be you, be unique


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