A Piece of God

Hello world! queenparker

Here is a story that is for all the Aliens out there. I want to explain them the world that I live in.


So, first of all, Dear Alien, welcome to the world that I live in!

The place we live in, we humans call it “the World”, land-wise it is called “the Earth” by us, and its planetary name is “Gaia” in our galaxy. So if you want to zoom into our world, type “Gaia” in your version of Google Maps and you will instantly spot it.


From outer space, it looks dark blue and it hangs in the air just like every other planet in our galaxy.

So assuming that you have zoomed into our world, I want to explain you who lives here.

The creatures that walk on their feet are called Humans, animals and inspects (I am a Human, by the way), ones that swim in water are called fish, whales, seahorses, etc, and the creatures that fly in the air are called birds, bats, flies, etc. There are other “entities” that fly in the air, but they are made of metals and they don’t bleed when you stick sharp objects into their body. That’s why they are considered non-living things. Anyway, I think you got the picture of those, who move around with consciousness on this planet.


And among all these creatures on this planet, Humans are the most beastly ones because while the other creatures kill others for necessity of food and survival, Humans kill others for fun, for power, for control, and sometimes for sheer insanity. So yeah, that’s the race I am from.


And by the way, here there are races within the race, and they are usually divided by the color of the skin (as if color matters! But anyway, that’s one of the things that my race hasn’t evolved above.)

And what else can I tell you about my world?


Well, it is like my world is in the middle of nowhere. Not many of you Aliens visit us on daily basis. So majority of the people can’t distinguish you from those of other planets or dimensions, so they give you all the same name “Aliens” (I know it must be a bit insulting to you to not know your origin, but I get that too sometimes. They call me an “Asian“. So no hard feelings please. You are not alone. We are just not that sophisticated in the knowledge of the Universe).


And the game that we play on this planet is like this: “When we choose to play this game, we have to have our memories erased, skills removed and start with no knowledge whatsoever. So we start out not knowing that we are each pieces of God.

But then of course, like every game, there are cheaters, and they keep some part of the memory, skills or knowledge, and they start the game with a distinct advantage. And we call such cheaters “Genius”.

tenor (1)

And the ones, who play fair, start the game at ground zero, and their goal is to find out that they are each pieces of God“. And the distance between ground zero and the God is called “the Hero’s Journey” and this journey is tough, brutal and sometimes even costs one’s life. (And when someone loses life, the game is over for him or her, of course.)


Talking about the Hero’s journey, I think I have completed my Hero’s journey. So now I consciously know that I am a piece of God. But you know, there is a huge difference between consciously knowing a concept and living the concept through experience. So I chose the second game, where I become a Goddess Queen and live in the Kingdom of Heaven.


And in my heavenly Kingdom, my warriors are called “The League of Angels” and they do really cool stuff.

So perhaps, in an another story, I can tell you about my new game. Until then, “Take care”!

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Be you, be unique


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