My first deadliest sin: I take offense

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Since setting the intention to embrace my Dark Sides, awful lot of Dark Qualities are surfacing from inside me and I am just aghast at the fact that those destructive qualities have been living inside me all along and I didn’t know that they existed. Unbelievable!


The first deadliest sin (I call it so because I consider it that terrible!) that surfaced was the fact that I take offense easily. Before this sin surfaced to my consciousness this time for the first time, I always thought that people were offending me with their words, actions or misbehavior. But it turns out that I have been the wrong one, who chose to take offense at her own will.


Having found this sin of mine, I went back in time to recall all the incidents where people seemed to offend me and I found that the most absurd case is when I used to get offended by my sweetest boyfriend’s jokes…. In reality, he was someone who didn’t even hurt a fly. Instead of killing flies, he used to chase them out the window. So being such a loving person, how could he have intended to offend me at all? But I used to take one nonetheless. Oh boy!


Anyway, I am trying not to cry over spilled milk for too long and want to get over this guilty feeling. And past being past, now I am determined to master my reactions when such feelings are triggered.


Finally, if you have been wondering how taking offense is such a deadly sin after all, please go ahead and watch below sermon of David S. Winston2

In short, taking offense destroys relationships. So if you value your relationships, I suggest that you look inward as well and see if you are nurturing the seed of this deadly sin as well.


Be you, be unique


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