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As I mentioned to you in my earlier post, lately I am walking along the path of Darkness in general, and discovering and embracing the Dark Sides of both myself and others. While walking along this path, recently I discovered a great book titled “Life Code” written by Dr.Phil McGraw.

On Dr.Phil’s website, the following description is written as to what you can expect to learn from this book:

  • “Accept that “life is a game” and decide whether you want to play or be played.
  • Identify the BAITERs (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and/or Reckless people) through the “Evil Eight” Identifiers.
  • Evaluate how well this full-contact sport known as life is being played and learn the steps, traits and techniques necessary to win at everything — every day.
  • Recognize that much of life is a negotiation and learn to successfully negotiate across all areas: work, marriage and family.
  • Adopt a new “Life Code” by operating from a winner’s playbook with the most competitive tactics — the “Sweet 16” — for winning in the real world.
  • Implement the new “Life Code” and learn how it not only applies to them, but also to their family and their role as parents.”

The genius of this book is that it makes it very easy to spot toxic people. Dr.Phil says that such people are reckless with your life and mine and that they infiltrate themselves into our lives with flattery. So we need to PAY ATTENTION!

Dr.Phil calls such toxic people BAITERS and here is what they stand for: 2


And the characteristics of such toxic people are the followings: 2


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And here is how they operate. 2


But the good news is that you can learn to shield against BAITERS, and here is how to do it: 1

7. Always, always have a plan.
If you want to achieve a sustained measure of success in any area of your life, you need a specific plan that begins with identifying what you want.
So these are the key lessons from the book, and I wish good luck to myself and you with the application!


Be you, be unique


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