It is awesome to be ME

Hello world! 2321111

Do you know how awesome it feels to be ME these days? The good feeling that erupts inside my chest from time to time is just indescribably good. It is like the whole life bursts out of my chest.


Now when that happens I know that the Goddess within me is making her presence known to me loud and clear. Perhaps, the Goddess is even declaring that she is about to take over my life altogether as the frequency and the intensity of such bursts keep getting higher.


So having discovered the Goddess within me, now all I care is to listen to her when I move through life.


And when I listen to the Goddess, the life unfolds beautifully.


Lately, the Goddess is telling me to take care of myself at all times at all costs.


So if the Goddess is telling me that, of course I listen and surrender. So I have decided to say “No” to anything that drains my energy and that I don’t want to do willingly and joyfully.


And if I am uncertain about a choice, I ask the Goddess and then I listen.


Also lately I am growing to be highly conscious of and dislike anything that limits me, such as money, work hours, others’ expectations etc.


So I intend to create a life, which is free of such limitations and I will have such a life.


And I can say that with confidence ’cause I know that my Goddess is guiding me and backing me up at all times. Earlier I used to go through life all alone and struggling, but now I know that I am not alone.


Finally, about an hour ago, while taking a break from finishing this post, my Goddess just whispered my Life Purpose to me. So I will share that with you in another post.

Feel wonderful! 


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