Where are you now?

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The first time I wrote the post titled “Where are you now?“, I was a lost soul longing for someone else to complete me. Since then it has been 356 days and I have turned into a fully empowered Earth Goddess, who completes herself.


Now I create my life from the core of myself. No more going after things and people ’cause I draw them to me. Divine Energy runs through me and washes away the darkness and ugliness that was residing inside me. So everyday I get lighter and lighter, and brighter and brighter.

Now what I feel in my feelings and emotions, I want to feel in my physical body, and of course, I am referring to none other than the Divine Energy. In rare occasions, I have felt it in the past and I wrote about the experiences in posts like this: My “Qi” experiences

So, intoxicated by the feeling of Divine Energy, now I am craving to experience it all over my body flaming like gentle fire. I have been there, done that, so I am craving for it….


So longing for the miraculous warm flame, my soul is calling out to it, singing “Where are you now?

Feel wonderful! 


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