I want Hum too

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Last night I watched below video and I realized that I am missing something for work. That missing something is called Hum in Shonda Rhimes‘ language. Watch below TedTalk of hers for the Hum parts. 2

You know, I loved the description of her Hum so much that I wrote down the relevant parts below. 2

“I love working. It is creative, mechanical, exhausting, exhilarating, hilarious, disturbing, clinical, maternal, crucial and judicious, and what makes it all so good is the Hum. There is some kind of shift inside me when the work gets good. A Hum begins in my brain, and it grows and it grows, and the Hum sounds like the open road and I can drive it for ever.

It wasn’t until I started television that I started working, making, building, creating and collaborating that I discovered this thing, this buzz, this rush, this Hum. The Hum is more than writing. The Hum is action and activity. The Hum is a drug. The Hum is music. The Hum is light and air. The Hum is God’s Whisper right in my ear.

And when you have a Hum like that you can’t help, but strive for Greatness. That feeling, you can’t help striving for Greatness at any cost. That is called the Hum.

The Hum is not power. The Hum is not work-specific. The Hum is joy-specific. The real Hum is love-specific. The Hum is the electricity that comes from being excited by life. The real Hum is confidence and peace…. The real Hum is singular and original. The real Hum is God’s Whisper in my ear.

The Hum of the Universe fills me up. The very act of not working has made it possible for the Hum to return as if the Hum‘s engine can be only refueled while I was away.

One day the floodgates were opened and I found myself standing in my office fueled with an unfamiliar melody and groove inside me and around me, spinning with ideas, Humming road is open and I could drive it and drive it and I love working again.”

When I watched this talk of Shonda, I was surprised to know that such a Hum exists and I saw that I was missing it. Perhaps I have never felt it so far ’cause when she describes the Hum I could relate to it so remotely.

Up until the end of my last job, I got things done at work mostly through efforts, struggles and hard work. And in this current job, I get things done via the path of least resistance. But now I see that Hum exists. So I want it, I am going to call for it and I am going to have it.


Feel wonderful! 


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