Growing Comfortable with Discomfort

Hello world! hi2

Lately a surprising new development is taking place in me and that is I am growing to be very Comfortable with discomfort. After watching some videos about going beyond one’s comfort zone, one month ago, I posted below picture on Facebook and did wish/intend to challenge my comfort zones. 2

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Then in the past couple of days, I have noticed myself being very Comfortable in situations, which would previously make me cringe with guilt or shame. For instance, right now I am supposed to be working, but I just cannot bring myself to doing anything other than romancing with my sweet blog. And if, right now, any of my colleagues or bosses asks me what I am up to, I would graciously stand tall and tell him or her that I am romancing with my sweet blog rather than working.

And if I dig into the depths of this new development, it seem to be a matter choosing myself over others. So when uncomfortable situations come up, I think that my subconscious mind is asking “Do I betray myself? or do I betray the other person or thing?” and then choosing not to betray myself.

Talking about Self-betrayal, I had watched below conversation several times before. And when I watched it again just now, every word of Caroline Myss is hitting home at the deepest level of my core. Oh so good! 1

Also another conversation that I liked on this subject is the below one of Shonda Rhimes and Oprah2

As you see in Shonda‘s talk, in life, we constantly face situations where we need to make a choice between two exclusive matters and many times one of the choices concerns our own well-being. So I think, there should be no hard feelings as a consequence of making difficult choices.


Feel wonderful! 


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