The God Container

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I am sitting in a secret garden in Bologna, Italy and spending some quality time with God until my flight in the evening. Well, the garden isn’t really secret as it belongs to a hotel. However, I feel like it is secret as no one finds me in this spot.

Actually, my hanging out with God here started yesterday when s/he dropped a beautiful flower into my glass from above. It was a pleasant surprise and I treasured the beautiful gesture, so I shared it with my friends on Facebook. See here. 2

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 11.17.33 AM

You see, the God‘s gift flower even resembles the flowers I had shared in the post I had written that morning. 2

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 11.18.16 AM

This morning I have felt God inside me non-stop and it seems that the morning will never end. I feel COMPLETE, I feel WHOLE and I am like the CONTAINER of God…. And by the way, in case you are curious about what kind of God I am talking about, s/he/it is the one defined in all of below definitions and beyond. 2

And I am resonating with anything that is of God (not the patronizing God defined by religionists to be more specific) and among all the discussions I have watched, below one of Iyanla and Oprah is my today’s favorite. 2

So you see, all is so well with me and I thank you for sharing your time with me by reading this post.


Feel wonderful! 


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