I wanna Surrender

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You know, there is a state of being that I want to live in for the rest of my life and that is a state of Surrender. The first time I wanted to live in such a state is when I listened to the audiobook version of Surrender Experiment , which was lived and written by Michael Singer. If I am to say one sentence to seduce people to read this book, I would say, “After reading the book I understood why barefoot-walking zen-practicing hippy Steve Jobs became such a huge success that he became.”


Anyway, having bought into the concept of living in a state of Surrender, sometimes I just play the book in the background of my life and let my subconscious mind buy into the concept. However, if living in a state of Surrender was a mental concept before, now I have come to a point where living in this state is a Soul-calling and I don’t see any other meaningful way of existing other than to surrender to all-powerful God/Consciousness.

Now when I say Surrender, you may think that surrendering is like being defeated, makes you weak or it takes away your willpower. No no no, it is nothing like that. In fact it is the complete opposite! It actually brings out the highest power in you and makes your willpower unstoppable. See below what Iyanla has to say about Surrender2

So that much said and watched, now I am going to Surrender.


Feel wonderful! 


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