Should I wait? Or should I face?

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I am really confused about something, so I need to ask God for the right answer. And here is the issue:

You know, on one side, Abraham Hicks teaches that the path of least resistance is the right way to go about anything and trying to make something happen is the wrong way.


However, on the other side, Neale Donald Walsh and many other spiritual teachers profess that it is only through facing and processing what makes us feel uncomfortable and fearful, do we release resistance.


So do you see that these two teachings are conflicting in nature? Or is it me who is missing the critical link between the two?


You know, there are several issues in my life that I would like to grow comfortable with. However, I don’t know which path to take…. Do I wait and let the resistance dissolve on its own and let situations take care of themselves? Or should I consciously face the issues and try to “fix” them?

What is the right way? Please help me with the answer God.


Feel wonderful! 



  1. Liebe Baira, I could not get into your Blog, Should I wait Or Should I FACE It? It is always better to face it head on! and move on immediately to complete more positive productive Goals! I love your Blog, Gifts and Miracles is a Fountain of Hope, Love, and Divine Inspiration getting us to know realize the Love of the Great Spirit deep inside of us. Thank you very much for your warm loving Enlighten Wisdom of your Beautiful Gifts and Miracles! Face It Baby!

  2. The more you resist just means you keep going upstream, fighting what makes you feel better. When you think about the thing that is bothering you, pretend you are in the canoe (this is from Abraham). You are paddling upstream with those unwanted thoughts. Now close your eyes and bring the ores in. Let the canoe turn and go downsteam. Things won’t change when you keep fighting the current. Once you let it all go, the answers will be easier to see. It works or me all the time.

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