A Husband like Jim Carrey plz

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Here I have a little crazy post for you. So be ready.


You know, the past few days I had several instances, which made me suspect that I might be becoming the multi-sensory human being that I am supposed to become as I ascend higher up and my DNA strands get further activated.

So one such instance was when I “saw” why I was still not married and had no children. When I say “saw”, I am using that word for lack of a better term. The way I sensed that fact was like it was just “there”. When I say “there”, I am using this term for lack of a better term again. The “there”, to which I am referring, didn’t and doesn’t have any location or distance. Usually, when I have a knowing, I usually sense its presence either in my mind or in my chest. However, this “there” feels like outside of me, but doesn’t have any location or distance from me…

So you see, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Hope you had prepared yourself for this much craziness. So assuming that you had, I will continue.

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About 3 days ago, I sensed that the reason why I am still single and no children has to do with the sponsoring thought that I had grown in my early 20’s. First, to explain the term “sponsoring thought“, it is a term coined by Neale Donald Walsch and it means the root thought related to a thing, which becomes the foundation for someone’s every other thoughts and actions related to that thing.

So in my early 20’s, I had one dominating thought and one dominating feeling. The dominating thought was that I used to think that investing in my teenage cousins’ future was above-all-important as how they got educated and directed in their early youth would determine the course of their entire lives. So wanting them to have happy lives and successful careers when they grew up, I invested all possible resources of mine in them.

As for the dominating feeling, I always felt like there was something very important that I was called to achieve and that having to deal with domestic issues was a hindrance to achieving that. So with this thought and feeling combined, there is no wonder why I haven’t attracted a husband, made children with him, settled down into a domestic life and dealt with household matters. When I think of this whole thing, “the size just fits right”.

So looking back from my mid-thirties, I see that my then-teenage cousins have all gotten married, almost all have children, all doing what they love and all very happy. When I put this picture in front of me, I see that this is exactly what I had wished for them. So how can I be not happy and gratified? I see that I have achieved one of the two most significant Callings I have felt so far.


As for the other Calling, I have achieved that one also. If earlier I was thinking that I needed to achieve something, at the end of my long quest, I ended up achieving a state of being. A state of an Awakened being, who is on the way to an Enlightened being.

Since achieving a state of an Awakened being and also see my younger cousins thrive, I don’t see any other important thing than to create my own family and wish a happy life for myself, you know.


So now that I am getting ready, I think my husband is on the way. Being obsessed with success, earlier I used to wish for a successful husband. But now that I am Awakened, I know that only another Awakened human being can keep up with me. And when I look around, among all the Awakened men I know of, I like Jim Carrey the best.

The reason I like him the best is manifold. The most important is the fact that he carries on a cool, fun life while being deeply spiritual. I like his youthful exuberance, I like his fun nature, I like his physical features and I like his meditating, grounding lifestyle shown in below video. 1

If I am to change anything, I would only ask for a younger version of him to match my age. All the rest is perfect.


And when I was thinking of such issues yesterday, the Universe, the God gave me the following message. 1

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Feel wonderful! 


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