God exists & speaks

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Lately I am having days and weeks of discovering the truths that I was never taught and discarding the fallacies that I had been made believe. And above all the truths that I have discovered so far, the greatest and the grandest is the truth that God exists.


If you have been following my posts closely, you must have rarely seen me use the term God, instead to refer to the highest intelligence and the greatest power, I always used the term Universe or Consciousness. The reason I disliked using the term God is because of the myths and illusions that religions assign to God.

But all that changed, after I discovered the Conversation with God. If God exists, the God that is talked about in that book series is the God that I would like to have and be. And judging by my own life experiences, which perfectly match the design with which God has created this life, now I unshakably know that God exists.


And over the past few months, I had this suspicion that life or God was giving me messages and reassurances through life events, and now I know for sure that God indeed was doing that. And you know, giving us messages through life events happens to be one of many ways that God speaks to us, and if you are curious about the other ways, do click here to read about them.

So having discovered the fact that God exists & speaks, now I am wondering if I can speak with God (not to God ). Apparently it is possible ’cause I see below recording of Neale Donald Walsch2

So I am going to finish listening to this recording, and I will let you know if I get to speak with God.


Feel wonderful! 


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