F*ck false money conceptions!

Hello world! graphics-hello-619870

As you could see from the title, I am mad. Mad that I have been fooled by false money conceptions all my life!


Here is the thing: Over the past one week I gradually came to a level where I realize and feel that money is just a small chunk of Abundance and that Abundance can flow into one’s life in so many ways other than in monetary form. 0062

And after listening to below talk of Neale Donald Walsch, I just realized that another false money conception has been running deep in my veins just like it does in many other people’s blood. And that money misconception is “Money is earned”.

Oh what a BS! How fooled do I feel to discover this subtle mind-programming running in me!


But the thing is that almost the whole society is programmed this way and that’s why all the struggle and suffering around, you know…. Oh boy, what a huge waste of energy to pay for subtle misconceptions!!!

So here is the deal: I am going to unlearn these false money misconceptions! 858946b7dadb1089cd6d4b00f44c416b


And you wanna do the same? Then listen to below talk over and over again until it sinks into your being. 2

Feel wonderful! 


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