I have always been WORTHY

Hello world! hello-diarose

Tonight my inner person is screaming out loud and repeatedly “I am worthy!” In the last 3-4 days, the vibration of worthiness has been sinking into my being, and by now, it seems to have totally soaked into my whole being. I could just feel worthiness vibrating in every cell of my body.

Having come to this point of unshakeable feeling of worthiness for myself, I feel deep compassion for my old-self, who used to try to prove my worthiness to myself and others by achieving worthy goals and accomplishments, holding high positions, having successful friends or wearing premium clothes and accessories, etc. And you know, the worst of all delusions is wanting to be superior than most men or being associated with “superior” men. Now looking back, I am thinking “Boy, have I tried hard! All that was totally BS!”


If you are wondering exactly how I am worthy, here is how. 2










And having come to this realization of worthiness, I am feeling so cheated yet again. How come no one every told me or made me feel that I am worthy just because I exist! How come?

But then I know that all that is irrelevant now. I know I am worthy and that is all that matters. Viva feeling of worthiness! Viva me!


Feel wonderful! 



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