My Heart opened

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After hearing people talk about “Heart Opening” for months, finally I am going through that process myself. It started three days ago. Suddenly I started feeling a huge blackhole-like thing on my chest right on my Heart Chakra. Usually I feel my chakras as warm swirling energy. However, the sensation of this Heart Opening is different in that I feel huge empty hole inside me chest, right below the breasts and above the stomach.


Like every other new Ascension symptom I have had, first I was confused and puzzled about what was happening to me yet again. However, listening to below energy report from yesterday comforted me as Heart Opening is what is happening on a mass scale among the light workers.

By the way, this morning I happened to listen to the “12 Stages of Light Body Ascension” again and I am glad to see that I am on stage 7 of Ascension, where , among others, Heart Chakra opens more, we become more in tune with present moment, fear drops away and many cease to eat meat, sure and drink alcohol.

With this Heart Opening, something very important must to be taking place. It just commands my full attention. And since the morning I am trying to feel and listen to what is going on in there….


And when I listen closely, I feel that there is some sort of music going on. And after experimenting with possible genres, I found that it is Drum & Bass, and here is the exact piece that’s playing inside me chest as of this writing. 2

Feel wonderful! 


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