Conversation with God

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Today I found a precious audio book on Youtube. It is called “Conversation with God“. After listening to it, many of the things I had discovered about God over the past 1+ years was reaffirmed and many others came to light as well. From the many great concepts in the book,  my favorite discovery is the fact that God communicates through feelings and experiences.


Sometimes I feel like my feelings guide me and experiences speak to me. In such instances, I get the message, follow the message and miracles happen to me.


So I would like to share the favorite part of the book below followed by the audio book itself. 2

God speaks: “I talk to everyone all the time. The question is not to whom do I talk, but who listens. First, let’s exchange the word “talk” with the word “communicating”. It’s much better word, much fuller and more accurate one.

I do not communicate through words alone. In fact, rarely do I do so. The most common form of communication is through feeling. Feel is the language of the soul….

I also communicate with thought…. Communicating with thought, I often use images and pictures, for this reason thoughts are more effective than mere words as tools of communication. In addition to feelings and thoughts, I also use the vehicle of experiences as grand communicator. Finally, when feelings, thoughts and experiences all fail, I use words.”

After listening to the book, I found the movie of the book, which made me tear up in one or two occasions. And here is the movie. 2

Like said in the book, I am sure that God would say “You got me all wrong” to most of us. So after buying and reading all the series of the book, I may just make it my No.1 favorite book for distribution.


Feel wonderful! 


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