Consciously up the Consciousness scale

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Greetings from the snowland! Greetings from the high mountains of Bolu, Turkey!



When my yoga group came to this mountain yesterday morning, it was summer warm. But in the afternoon, it started snowing and by today we have a fairy land of a place here. How beautiful! How miraculous!


So locked inside with summer shoes, I am spending some quality time with my sweet blog until the next yoga session in 2 hours.

And today I have a more comprehensive Consciousness scale for us than the below one I shared last year2


On this old scale, my general state of being has already reached the top one, but I feel that there is still so much beyond that I will be evolving into. And that seems to be indeed true as below recorded material talks about many different levels of states that my current Self could only imagine, but not able to feel yet. 1

On this higher scale, I seem to be on 3 of 10, and here is what level 3 is like as per the material:

“You make the transition from the 2nd level of Consciousness to the 3rd level when you decide to take time to develop your mind and heart now. At the 3rd level of consciousness, you identify with your physical environment 80% and start to feel and think for yourself. Creating your heart, you become very sensitive to the energies in your body, your heart and your mind. You start cultivating them, you allow yourself to cry, feel joy, experience pain, entertain strange thoughts and see all of life’s beauty. You start developing your artistic sensibilities, your empathy and your need for spiritual connections. You begin to put your time and energy into exploring the different sensations of life. You eat and think. You start to explore your physical appetites, your sexual energies, your creativity and your intuitions. You can sense when people are happy and sad, you can console them and relate to them through communication. You shift from being merely a colleague at work and a neighbor to being a true friend when people need you. You shift from being a well-trained employee living in your mind to being a human being living in the heart. You stop reacting to people and events around you. Instead, you start acting based on your values and ideas.”


By the way, besides this new Consciousness scale, recently I shared two other important scales. If you missed them, check them out by clicking on these links:

Feel wonderful! 


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