Oh so good Yoga!

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Here I have a beautiful video about Yoga. If you are curious about Yoga and flirting with the idea of starting with it, I bet this is the best video you will find as a new starter. 1

My experience with Yoga started 4 years ago quite by accident and the moment I stepped into the studio, I was hooked. The feeling I get when I am doing Yoga could be best described as one of making love to myself. The beautiful sensations I feel and the deepness of connection I feel with something beyond this world is just unbelievably good.


After starting with Yoga 4 years ago, there has been 3 years of break in between without consistent practice. But it looks like this weekend I am going to start again by joining the weekend Yoga retreat that I have been to once.

By the way, the benefits the practitioners mention in above video are the followings and I have put them in the practitioners’ own words:

Laruga Glaser /U.S.A, Sweden/

  • What attracts me to yoga is the fact that it’s experiential. You have to go through a process to understand.
  • When I started to practice yoga, there was a sense of connection on the inside where I really wanted to be a good person, where I felt motivated to transform myself or move myself higher up.
  • And the moment I came on my mat, I felt like I was home. I really felt like this is a space where I can be really me and really connect to this internal part of myself. I felt at home within myself, I felt at home even with the things I was struggling with and that was huge for me in the beginning when I started to practice and one reason why I continue to do this practice.
  • It looks to be on the outside very physical or to be representative of something very external. But underlying through all of that what’s really moving us withing these asanas is the breath, it is the focal point of our sense of concentration. And through the asanas, through the act of performing these asanas… to be continued.

Feel wonderful! 


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