A Life of Ease

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Today we have a beautiful sunny day in Istanbul and the topic of the day is Ease of Life.


Ease of Life. What a beautiful concept isn’t it? And how amazing it is to live one!

You know, when I discovered last year that life was supposed to be easy, I felt so cheated for having put in so much effort all my life since childhood. Back then I had never been a lazy person and I did all that I could. But at the end of all that effort, what happened? I ended up internally bruised and shattered in soul.

Then of course, at my earliest chance, I began taking care of myself and started recovering. And since my heart and soul saw some light in the world again, every now and then, I would gauge my whereabouts with below picture2


Then since discovering Abraham Hicks’ teachings, I made living with the path of least resistance and feeling good my way of life. So when I lived in Germany, what you see in below picture became pretty much my lifestyle. 2


Since then lots have happened and now I live in Istanbul. And how do I feel in this new phase of my life? Well, like this. 2


In other words, I have said “Goodbye!” to seriousness and hard work, and I embrace playfulness and feminine beauty as the core of my life. Now many things in my life are working out well and there are still many more that I am longing for, such as this. 2


So all in all, I keep experimenting with life and I have great expectations for this summer. 1


By the way, if you want to decide for a Life of Ease, say “I choose to not struggle. Life is easy. I choose to make it easy.” And listen to below channeling, where the man in the story seems to be me. 1


Feel wonderful! 


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