It must be Kundalini energy!

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Since yesterday morning I started feeling pain in my tailbone. Initially, I thought that I must have sat in an uncomfortable position for too long. But towards the evening, the pain grew so much stronger and by night it became difficult even to move sideways in bed. And then it dawned on me that the pain in the tailbone must to do with Kundalini energy since the energy is store there.


Another strange phenomenon that happened yesterday was that a simple dinner that my maid had cooked for me tasted orgasmically good. I don’t know if that meal was that good or if Kundalini energy was doing its magic to me. Anyway, this morning I had the meal again and had lots of mouth orgasms.


So curious about how this initial Kundalini sympton might develop, I went on to watch below informational documentary on Kundalini rising. 2

The documentary didn’t talk about Kundalini symptoms to give me guidance. However, as I know that whatever is to happen will happen, I feel totally surrendered to the Kundalini process and am ready to ride its waves!


Feel wonderful! 



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