Jim Carrey’s Awakening

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Two days ago I happened to listen to Jim Carrey‘s below speech once again2

This speech is one of my favorites and I had already listened to it several times before. But two days ago when I listen to it, for the first time I recognized how wide-awake Jim Carrey is. For those, who are not spiritually awake, I think above speech is just a simple entertaining speech. However, those who are awake will recognize that Jim Carrey is offering the Gospel with a bit of a fun flavor.

Then today I came across below speech, in which he explains how he woke up just one morning. 1

Even though he says that he simply “Got it” one morning, I am sure that he had been seeking the Gospel for a long time and accumulating knowledge over time until he hit the inflection point that morning (just like I had been searching with the help of my sweet blog and suddenly woke up 11 days ago).

So how does one feel after awakening

In my experience, I have started to feel expansive & unlimited, especially in the last 3 days. The mental blocks that I had created before started crumbling down, the belief system seems to be going through a mental scan and I am just feeling genuinely determined.

Being born a Scorpio, determination isn’t something that I ever lack. However, this time this determination is different. It feels like a more grounded & knowing type of determination.

So all is well here and I wish you good luck with your awakening too!


Feel wonderful! 


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