Who I really am is Who?

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After awakening, the knowledge that I am accumulating is immense. There happens to be so much behind who I am, what the earth is about and how much there is out there in the outer space. The details about what I mean will appear as posts later I think. For now, I have the below transmission that explains WHO WE TRULY ARE. 2

In short, who we are happens to be pure Consciousness, a part of which is temporarily wearing a physical body to reside on this planet earth and a larger part of which is still existing as pure Consciousness or energy. 


To confide, I have been hearing the same message from Abraham Hicks for over a year. However, hearing this message from above transmission seemed to strongly sink it into my mind. So I am sharing it with you.

By the way, I have read about and heard about many people’s experience of tapping into the larger Consciousness himself/herself. So if the above definition of WHO WE TRULY ARE is true (which really seems to be true indeed), I am thinking “Why not me also getting a glimpse of it at least!


Feel wonderful! 


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