Awakened. What Next?

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This morning I found the list of what happens after Awakening. When I went through the list, I saw that I had been already experiencing some of the “symptoms”. (Below audio recording contains the list, by the way. 2 )

In the past 10 days, the striking thing I couldn’t help noticing has been my strong attraction to natural food. The fresher and juicier, the better. And when I ate such fresh food, the cells of my body seemed to be getting ecstatic, especially throughout the digestive system.


Another thing I have been noticing is my longing to get in the nature. Yesterday, this longing got so strong that for the first time in my life, I really wanted to have a house in the woods with spring water running through my garden and to enjoy all the natural beauty around. (By the way, it is such a strange desire coming from me. Normally I like (or liked) living in a big city.)


And of course, there is the ever-increasing love and compassion I feel. What has been making me happiest lately is to make other people happy, especially my loved ones. Two days ago when I noticed this new trend so strongly, I made below post on Facebook. 1

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So life is good. Having understood and embraced the Ascension process has removed the feeling of discomfort and suffering from my physiological “events”. So it is all good, and I feel exalted to know that my feelings and emotions will be getting just better and better.


Feel wonderful! 



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