From Gratitude to Reverence

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How are you feeling?

Do you know what the best feeling one should strive to maintain at all times is?

Well, it turns out to be the feeling of Gratitude.


Over the past 6 months, I have been reading and hearing about the value of feeling Gratitude. And what I had read and heard about had me convinced at a mental level that feeling Gratitude is a good thing. However, I have just found below explanation of Gratitude, which just took my mental acceptance of it to a soul-level adoration.

To share some of the notes I have taken from the below audio material:

  • Love + Value = Gratitude/Appreciation
  • Gratitude = Vibration of expansion
  • Maintain this vibration long enough and it becomes Reverence
  • Feeling Gratitude for something is getting in one’s own way. Strive for Gratitude itself without having to attach any circumstance to it. When you have reached this point, Reverence occurs.
  • Feel Gratitude in all moments, Gratitude for all things, for your existence.
  • Reside within the vibration of Gratitude.

And the best thing I like about this new information is the fact that it says Gratitude turns into Reverence at the highest level. Hearing about it, I am thinking “What I would give to have a perpetual feeling of Reverence inside my chest!!!


So ready to listen to the material itself?

Here it is. 1

Feel wonderful! 


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