Abundance is the true state of Reality

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Finally I found what I needed to hear to create expansive Abundance in my life. I have been hearing this term called Abundance over and over again; however, after listening to below material, I really get what Abundance is. 2

So having found this awesome material, I took note of the key messages and here they are: 1

“As all matter is made of energy, therefore you are surrounded with an Abundance of  the building blocks of physical reality. You are surrounded by an Abundance of energy at all times. You use this energy to create your reality.

Since the true state of creation is Abundance, the idea of lack is simply the only thing that cannot exist. There is only Abundance.

However, because all things can be true based on your perception and beliefs, you are able to create the perception of lack.

When one believes or has bought into a belief that something is out of alignment with the true reality that is fundamentally untrue, you experience a contraction within your bodies and within your mind. You experience what you deem an uncomfortable or unpleasant experience, this is in a sense your inner guidance system telling you that what is currently in your mind is not in alignment with who you truly are or what is fundamentally true.

Therefore, you can now know that all discomfort or disease, which you feel in your reality is product of believing in lack, which is the only thing that is fundamentally untrue. Do not buy into the idea of lack.

If believing in one thing, which is out of alignment with the true reality feels contractive as negative energy is contractive, then the opposite is also true. By aligning with something, which is fundamentally true, you feel expansive as positive energy is expansive, and feels as you might term it good, pleasant and desirable.

The greatest goal of any conscious being is to align itself with that which is truly representative of who they are.

Therefore, if you can remain in this vibration of what you say you prefer, if you can find the vibration of what you prefer, feel and hold this in your mind at all times as long as possible in every moment that you are capable of doing so, your reality will begin to reflect this Abundance.

Always remember that it is not the thing, it is not the object or the situation that you truly desire, however, it is just the feeling that you believe this situation or object will bring to you. Therefore, you are able to evoke this feeling in yourself without the use of anything external, you will take control of your own life.”

So now I get this concept of Abundance really really deep in my stomach, I feel financially secure.


And if I maintain this feeling of financial security long enough, I think there will be no limit to what I can financially manifest in my life.


Feel wonderful! 


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