Embracing Ascension

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Due to the fact that intense, strange things took place in my body and emotion in the past two weeks, I went on search for finding out what I was going through. The search included going to see a doctor one more time as well as reading and listening to the experiences of lots of other people experiencing the same symptoms.

And after taking in so much information as well as witnessing the strange phenomena to pass through me changing its nature every few days, my inner person is just finally getting convinced and comforted that whatever happens during this Ascension, it will be here to pass eventually. So now I am embracing this inevitable process called Ascension and hoping that my acceptance and embrace will make it of less discomfort and suffering.


Oh by the way, what is Ascension? In simple terms, it seems to be that of my Higher Self joining me in this physical form. Sounds incomprehensible?  I could understand that…. But this thing is seriously happening to me and many other people around the world. In case you are experiencing strange physical and emotional symptoms, check out below video for a very extensive list of possible symptoms. 2

By now I have experienced many of these symptoms, and after acceptance and embrace, now I am feeling brave enough to live through the other upcoming symptoms as well.


Feel wonderful! 


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