I can only cry…

Hello world!

Right now there is only one thing I can do in life and that is just to sit here and cry. There is no one specific reason why I am crying, but I keep crying….

Two days ago while exploring what I might be going through, I came across this concept called “Dark Night of the Soul“. When I listened to below and other materials on the concept, they seemed to exactly match what I am going through. But because I didn’t want to go through such dark periods, I wanted to ignore it hoping that the darkness will stay away from me. But it seems it won’t.

Helpless as to what to do about this whole Ascension process, I have no other choice, but to surrender and let strange things happen to me. And today’s strange thing is that of crying for no reason.

Of course this Ascension process is really tiring, confusing and challenging. And I am trying my best to stay strong and cooperate with it. But there are times like now when I just break down.

As usual, there are nonstop vortexes swirling inside my head and throat. By now the intensity of their swirling is so strong, but after months of gradual increase of intensity, I seem to have used to living with it.

So yeah, I really seem to be going through a Dark Night of the Soul and below picture pretty well depicts how I look and feel at this moment. 2


But this shall pass too!

Feel wonderful! 


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