Pain Body needs to die!

Hello world! 561

I have just discovered that there is a “pirate” inside me and it’s called “Pain Body“. As I understand from Eckhart Tolle‘s below description, it turns out that it’s the source of all negativity.

So I have decided that this Pain Body must die ASAP! It had been months with me feeling great like a smooth sailing ship in a good weather.


But since last Saturday, there is a pirate inside me disturbing all the peace and joy I had.


Today it was behaving so bad inside me the whole day. As soon as I felt it in the morning, I tried to get it out of my system, but I couldn’t. So I tried to minimize its harm by being conscious of it. Even though I tried very hard, I still managed to leak out a bit of it. I am sad about it, but what happened happened. So determined not to let it rule my inner world, I am going to fight with it on daily basis until it dies altogether….


It may take a long time for me to kill it…. But if Eckhart Tolle could do it, I can do it!

Don’t you think?


Feel wonderful! 


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