Anger turns into an Opportunity

Hello world!

I have just watched below great advice of Eckhart Tolle on dealing with anger and I am glad to know that even anger could be turned into an opportunity for consciousness development.

You know, when an upsetting incident happened two days ago, I was really confused.


In the past, in such incidents, I used to get angry and then I used to think that I had every right to be angry. Sometimes, I totally owned my anger and even used to nurture it.

Back then, when people and things upset me, I would give them what I thought they deserved.


And when they made me really angry, I would fight back with determination.


And when they made me really really angry, I would burn down what stood as obstacles on my path.


And at the highest level, I would just burn down the whole thing. raw

Sounds bad? Definitely! 

Seems mean? Perhaps! 

Looks ugly? H*ll yeah! 


Flash forward and now.

Consciously, now I have really no interest or desire to get angry ever again. But there comes up tiny bit every now and then.


When it comes up, I get all self-conscious and think to myself, “Oops, there it comes again!”. 


Then I ask:


Having been tormented by anger two days ago, I intuitively went on a search. First, I didn’t know what I was searching for. Then after watching several videos, I did find the one that answered my prayers. In below video, Ekchart Tolle explains how we can use anger as an opportunity for awareness increase and consciousness development.



Listen to this talk! 2


Feel wonderful! 


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